19 Charts And Graphs That Perfectly Describe Your Dance Life

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19 Charts And Graphs That Perfectly Describe Your Dance Life

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DON'T EXIT THE SCREEN!! THERE'S NO MATH INVOLVED HERE!!!! Just some quick, easy illustrations of things that we know as dancers. From pie charts to choreo-graphs, you'll wish your stats class was this entertaining. Keep scrolling to DIE-agram of laughter!

1. Where dancers learn during class

dance life

Which cluster do you dance in?

2. How dancers go from liking to hating to loving a song

dance life

That moment when you're minding your own business grocery shopping and Ralph's decides to play a song from your team's set 4 years ago and takes you on an unexpected feels trip...

3. What guy dancers wear

dance life

Compression shorts? I'm impressioned.

4. Dancers' 12-hour cycles

dance life

Night owls as dancers, early birds as civilians.

5. What's actually in dancers' cars

dance life

Oh that's the closet – I mean, car – that I drive...

6. When no song seems to be "the one"

dance life

"This song is so good but... it has no beat drop"

7. When the outside of the curve doesn't practice class etiquette

dance life

If you're on the sides and don't wanna sit down, get as close to the walls as possible!!

8. As the ladies start to show more and more skin...

dance life

Rain drop, crop top.

9. What dancers' meals actually consist of


It's not our fault that the only thing open after rehearsal is fast food...

10. When rehearsals take up 110% of life

dance life

"Your birthday party? Graduation? Movies? I can't..."

11. Dancers who constantly have to delete videos to make room.. for more videos

dance life

Who else has to pause the photo session for 5 minutes to delete photos/videos to make more storage space??

12. "Snapchaaaaat~!" twelve times a night


"We out here~~!~!"

13. There is no steady pace to pieces anymore



14. Choreo day songs have to meet all 3 criteria


Find your perfect song with this guide! Best Ways For Dancers To Find New Music

15. Staying hydrated with:


And coconut water, for you fancy dancy pants.

16. Some dancer trends need to be out of style asap


Just kidding, they're kinda cool.

17. Quadrants dancers split in for groups


This is so visually accurate it hurts.

18. The struggle to stay on that choreo flow


Get through that block! 4 Ways To Never Get Choreo Block

19. Getting a sweet care package from bae :')


This is definite a Pro in The Pros And Cons Of Dating A DancerIf you've got some graph/chart ideas of your own, create them and share with us!So which of these are too real for you? Leave a comment!This post was originally published on August 6, 2015.