19 Things Your Body Actually Hates You For

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19 Things Your Body Actually Hates You For

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Sigh, dancer struggles. (See Related Article: 22 Irritating Moments All Dancers Can Relate To)

We're forced to hold unnatural poses, plie til our crotch scratches the floor, drill a 5 minute set 18 times at 4 in the morning in freezing parking structures...

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Are you, too, constantly sore, bruised, and achy?Are you perpetually tired and dependent on caffeine?(See Related Article: The Ultimate Guide To Body Awareness For Beginner Dancers)

Sigh, dancer life. BUT!!! There are also times when your body just feels frickin' great. And these "dance highs" make the suckier moments all worth it. Stop, drop, and scroll to see what I'm talking about!

Dancer Struggles: Feelz That Suck

1. When you wake up from a nap and have to rush to practice


2. When you don't stretch before dancing and the next day you're like

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3. When your brain farts after the FIRST MOVE of the piece

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4. Whiplash from pieces that require full-out neck-snappin' hairography

5. Dancing in un-ideal shoes

6. When EVERYONE in the community is getting sick and you can feel it coming on so you stock up on Emergen-C and refuse to hug anyone

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7. The last 10 seconds of holding your plank

8. When you get your eardrums blown out by that speaker *POP* noise

9. Trying to fit into your sexy costume but your hell week diet's consisted of energy drinks and McDonald's

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10. Or just trying to dance after a big meal

11. Having work at 7 am after a 4 am hell week rehearsal

Dancer Wins: Feelz That ROCK (Your Body)

12. Taking off your sweaty ass shirt after dancing

13. FINALLY getting that one combo down during the cleaning process

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14. Gliding on a smooth dance floor. MmMmm~

15. Finally sitting down during rehearsal when the team's working on a section you're not in

16. Drilling that one beat-kill you really like!

17. Eating after dancing.

18. Getting hella air in a jump during a piece #CoolActionShot

19. Getting into bed after a satisfying dance day :')

Which are some of your bod's favorite (and least favorite) feels? Leave a comment below to share with us! You'll love the feeling of learning at your own pace, on your own time with STEEZY Studio! This article was originally published on July 23, 2015.