28 Valentine's Day E-Cards To Make Your Dancer Crush Laugh

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28 Valentine's Day E-Cards To Make Your Dancer Crush Laugh

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Close your eyes and picture your dancer crush... Mmm, yummy.Whether you're happily cuffed up or single and mingling, Valentine's Day is a perfect day to just celebrate love! And if you're anything like us, laughter is the best way to celebrate anything. Send an e-card and get senpai to notice you, or just read through them for some giggles with your friends. Happy Valentine's Day, Dancers!

1. Riri isn't the only one into S&M

Valentines Day-13

2. Confess your growing feelings

Valentines Day-10

3. So last minute, but that's what makes it good

Valentines Day-9

4. I did facials too


5. I won't be Mark-ing anything

Valentines Day-14

6. I'm ready.

Valentines Day-8

7. I'm not Tim-Timid with deez lips!

Valentines Day-15

8. Double-tap

Valentines Day-11

9. Oh yeah, work it babe

Valentines Day-18

10. Yes ma'am.

Valentines Day-19

11. AC-Ay mami what's good tonight

Valentines Day-4

12. Always & forever?

Valentines Day-6

13. Bedsprings aren't the only thing that are sprung



14. We'll get wet in other ways

Valentines Day-20

15. Oh yes, we can-ada.

Valentines Day-21


16. I'm a beast – hype

Valentines Day-12

17. But you're heavenly anyway

Valentines Day-25

18. I'll take you out of your lonely Aggie-ny

Valentines Day-17

19. I want ur bunz

Valentines Day-7

20. You'll thank me later

Valentines Day-28

21. Binge-watch your eyes, get lost in the playlist of your soul

Valentines Day-23

22. You still slay

Valentines Day-27

23. Ur body belongs in a Hall of Fame

Valentines Day-5

24. Your favorite sweet treat

Valentines Day-3

25. Iso lonely 4 u

Valentines Day-2

26. So smooth.. then hard!!

Valentines Day-1

27. Time to show off

Valentines Day-26

28. I'm Hongry 4 u

Valentines Day-16

Which was your favorite E-card? Comment below and share with us! Besides humor, another great way to impress your dancer crush is by just being a beast dancer. Train with STEEZY Studio now! This article was originally published on February 16, 2016.