3 Dance Tips From David Lee

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3 Dance Tips From David Lee

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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David Lee is the epitome of "grounded." From full extensions to hard hits, he's all about pairing big, powerful movements with lots of stylish grooves. His pieces feel so good to dance because it's the perfect balance of letting loose and controlling your body. From CADC, Culture Shock LA, and Maker Empire, and traveling around the world to teach workshops, David has grown to be one of the most sought-after leaders and choreographers in the dance scene. We have the pleasure of sharing with you his top 3 dance tips that will aid you in your journey as a dancer.

1. Pay Attention To Directions

When learning, trust that your instructor is teaching in a certain way for a reason. Try to be respectful and pay attention to what they’re explaining and what they ask you to do. For example, if they say “Watch, don’t dance-” really watch, and don’t dance! They know their piece and the strategy in teaching that piece the best, so take the direction they lead. Also, listen to how they are singing the song as they teach. If a certain sound or texture is emphasized, mimic it with your body.

2. Be Open To Growing Together

Keep in mind that you are not the only student nor the only dancer that is hungry and eager to learn. Instead of taking a competitive mindset, learn with the people around you – in that online class, in the community, and beyond. There are so many resources we have now to connect with each other. Take advantage of them and never be intimidated by those you are learning and growing with.

So whenever you're in class, support your classmates! It takes a lot of courage to take class but takes more courage to put yourself out there during groups. If you feel that way about yourself, imagine what others think when they're put in the spot, too. To remedy their stress or to just hype them up, cheer! I know when I'm in that position having class support makes you feel much more comfortable. We learn best when in positive environments. So be proactive in creating it!

3. Dance Outside Of The Box

Don’t grow complacent because you’ve mastered a certain style. Don’t just take class from whoever is “popular.” I encourage all dancers to train in different styles –it will help you trust yourself, and realize that anything is possible. I started taking Contemporary classes, and this has opened my eyes to so much about my body and its movement. You won’t discover more about yourself as a dancer unless you expand your class-taking options.

Going off that, don't be afraid to take beginner or intermediate classes. So many dancers want to just skip steps to reach the advanced level, but don't know basics. I think it's important for students to know how to count music, learn their left from right, etc. Foundational and beginner classes will really help you reach a level of body awareness that will set the base for you to excel in the more intricate or "advanced" pieces.

If you want to work on grooving, staying grounded, and digging into your core, dance with David using STEEZY Studio! Beginners and advanced dancers can all benefit through these online classes. You can feel out how each movement feels on your body, and infuse your own style into his choreography when you feel more comfortable.

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