8 Ideas For Your Summer Dance Training

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8 Ideas For Your Summer Dance Training

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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IT’S SUMMER!! You know what that means – beaching, pool partying, concerting, and most importantly… Summer dance training!

Take advantage of your newfound free time to train in ways that you couldn’t during the school year.

Use these 8 tips to make your summer dance training more productive and fun!

Summer Dance Training Guide 2017

1. Wake up early and condition

You can do a lot more with your mornings when you don’t have to get to first period by 7 am. Use this time to get your body stronger and more flexible.

Hit the gym early and get in your workout for the day. You can also stretch, jog, go for a swim, do yoga, or lift free weights at home.

These workouts will make you more powerful and in control of your movements!

And fitting them in the mornings will free up your afternoons and evenings, which is when most dance classes or events take place.

2. Late night sessions

If you’re not an early bird, then trade in those morning hours to freestyle into the night!

It seems as though the best creative flows happen when it’s late and dark, don’t you think?

Whether you’re with your friends in a parking lot or alone in your room, it just feels right.

So get your friends together in a studio or parking lot, or put on your favorite playlist at home and vibe out by yourself.

You’ll lose track of time exploring your body – but that’s okay, you don’t need to set an alarm for the morning anyway ;)

3. Stack your dance classes

It’s never easy to take 4 classes in a row… But it is easier during the summer, when you have more time and energy.

Taking multiple classes in a day will not only teach you more, (more choreo, more skills, more tips), but it will also increase your physical stamina.

So take different styles of classes, beginner and advanced level classes, classes from instructors you’ve never heard of – ALL THE CLASSES!

Speaking of stacking your classes...

4. Attend a dance convention or camp

Dance conventions (like SI Dance Camp or The PULSE or Monsters of Hip Hop) are retreats where you’re immersed in everything dance.

They happen throughout the year, but you probably couldn’t go when school was in session. So save up some money include it in your summer dance training!

Going to a dance camp may be pricey, but think of it as an investment.

You’ll be taking multiple classes a day, participating in discussion panels, hanging out with new and old dancer friends, battling, showcasing, meeting your favorite choreographers…

Basically, living your dance dream.

Thinking about going to a dance camp? Read this first: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Dance Camp Experience

5. Bond with your dancer friends

Being a dancer isn’t just about picking up choreo or killin’ it in the cypher.

It’s also about the dance community! Use the summer to hang out with your fellow dancers outside of the studio.

Go watch a movie, get dinner, and get to know each other!

You’ll develop stronger bonds with your dancer friends, and have a pool of memories to reminisce on when you’re back in the classroom.

6. Make a video and share it

Everyone secretly has a super bomb piece they’ve been working on and are dying to share.

And summer is the perfect time to build a bridge and get over whatever it is that’s holding them back...

Yep, this is about you!!

But hey, we get it. Making a dance video is a lot of work.

You have to choreograph, teach the piece to your cast, stage it, set a location for the shoot, figure out what to wear, edit the video, upload it to YouTube, write a description in the description box, and post clips of it on Instagram?!

Ugh, but you’re so busy with schoo–No, you’re not.

Now is the time. What are you waiting for? If you wanted a sign, THIS IS IT!!!

Not sure where to start? This’ll help! How To Make Amazing Dance Videos

7. Set a summer goal

Your summer goal might be to make and share a dance video. Or, it could be to enter your first battle. Or to take at least 3 classes a week.

Whatever you want to achieve, set it in specific language, and hold yourself accountable to it throughout the summer.

Use this article as a guide: How To Set And Achieve Your Dance Goals

Summer is a great time to work on a specific goal because you have a set time frame. Come fall, you’ll be able to say “I did it,” or “I have to keep working on it.”

The best way to stay on your grind is by keeping track of your progress.

8. Train on STEEZY Studio

If you don’t have access to a dance studio or a lot of dance classes, sign up for STEEZY Studio – you can use it all day, every day of your summer vacation.

Learn everything from Popping fundamentals with Boogie Frantick to advanced choreography from Sorah Yang and Scott Forsyth!

Click to try it out for free!

We hope these tips help make your summer dance training more fun, productive, and fulfilling!

Have a great summer, STEEZY Nation!

What are some ways you train during the summer? Comment below and share!