8 Things Great Dancers Do Differently

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8 Things Great Dancers Do Differently

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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There's nothing wrong with being a good dancer. But why not be a great dancer?

For you extra hungry dancers, to whom being "good" isn't good enough, here are 8 things that you can do to go from being a good to great dancer:

1. Great Dancers Don't Dance To Impress Others

It's painfully obvious when someone does something for a reaction.

Yes, art does evoke emotion, but not because it's created with that purpose.

The most powerful art lives in its true form.

It comes from a place of raw emotion, which allows it to reach into a similar place in others.

The more honestly you create, the more your creation will resonate in the core of the viewer.

Dancers that dance to get will never be as great as dancers who dance to give.

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2. Great Dancers Are Not Predictable

Good dancing is easy to spot. Technique, textures, timing.. good dancers please the eye.

But great dancers stir up the mind.

They deliver something that's out of the ordinary. They show you things you didn't expect.

And it's not just with their choreography, but in the entire culture of dance.

From music choices to being unafraid to wear what they want, or try out new concepts.

Great dancers are trendsetters. Refreshing, unapologetic, and impossible to predict.

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3. Great Dancers Are Always Students

Having a fixed mindset will stunt your growth.

Anyone who is open to learning has limitless potential to be great because they're not capping their own growth.

Being a student means that you're able to take constructive criticism.

It means that you can look toward other great dancers and choreographers and be inspired to learn from their experiences and ideas.

Being a student leaves no room to feel envious or competitive, because you're so busy trying to soak in new things every day.

Great dancers always want to learn ways to become greater.

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4. Great Dancers Know How To Be Confident, Yet Humble

The difference between confidence and cockiness is – watching yourself vs. believing that everyone should be watching you.

Though it may sound counterintuitive, confidence can actually be a side effect of humility.

If you're humbled enough to work on yourself, then that focus will equip you with a sense of self-awareness that no one can budge.

Great dancers are more concerned with improving themselves, than proving themselves.

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5. Great Dancers Take Care Of Their Bodies

As dancers, our bodies are our most valuable tools.

Our mind may come up with an image, but our bodies are painting the pictures.

So maintenance is important.

A great dancer trains their body like an athlete and take care of it like a nurse.

They may still get injured, but not by carelessness or lack of foresight.

They are smart about how they approach their recovery.

Great dancers are in control of their physical selves, whether they are in motion or not.

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6. Great Dancers PLAY!

Out-of-the-box ideas, unique choreography, and funny transitions all come from experimentation.

If you think of the act of creation as a routine or a chore, then the created product will always look the same.

But if you view choreographing, freestyling, or listening to music as playtime, then greatness can be born.

Great dancers let their creativity and innovation come alive by playing with sounds and movement.

7. Great Dancers Commit

Anything great requires commitment.

Dance asks for quite a bit, but great dancers dedicate themselves to it, no matter how big or small:

They commit to their teams, projects,

to their own choreography, their performance,

a facial during a piece, a character to embody, a pose, a reach, eye contact.

Great dancers answer to all that’s asked of them and are always willing to give even more.

8. Great Dancers Find True Joy In What They Do

Why would anyone care to be great at something they don’t even really like?

Those who truly love dance will be motivated to chase it with vigor.

That chase is so addicting, so rewarding, that growing as a dancer is almost just a side effect of indulging in something you love.

Becoming a great dancer may require a lot of hard work, but those who are meant to be great will find joy in each moment.

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You already have so much greatness in you – it's just a matter of letting it shine. These 8 things will help you bring out your greatness, and continue to push for better.

Keep feeding your insatiable hunger to grow.

We'll be right here cheering you on!

Ready to become a great dancer? Comment below with your aspirations and remember to share your progress with us! If you’re looking for a way to train all day errday, then STEEZY Studio is perfect for you. Learn dope, challenging pieces from GREAT choreographers ;)

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