Celebrating a Decade of Dance: STEEZY and Nike Partner at Coachella

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Celebrating a Decade of Dance: STEEZY and Nike Partner at Coachella

June 10, 2024
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For the first time ever, we joined forces with Nike to celebrate an exciting milestone - our ten-year anniversary, along with the launch of the Nike Air Max Dn. This collaboration brought a series of exciting activations, blending the worlds of dance and cutting-edge footwear.

A Dance Revolution Begins: The Campaign Kickoff

The celebration kicked off with a user-generated content competition, showcasing the incredible talent and artistry within the dance community. We partnered with BandLab, and identified the exceptionally gifted artist YAS, whose music inspired the choreography in the latest edition of our popular "3 Choreographers 1 Song" (3C1S) YouTube series. Her new track "Skywalking" was featured in a captivating dance music video, now available on STEEZY Studio for anyone excited to learn the choreography.

The 'House of Reflections' at Coachella

One of the campaign's highlights was the STEEZY 'House of Reflections' at Coachella, sponsored by Nike Air Max. This immersive experience provided a VIP setting for performers and dancers to express themselves and explore their artistry. The event was a significant moment for dancers at the festival whose contributions often get overlooked, marking this to be the first Coachella house only dedicated to their craft. Check out the STEEZY ‘House of Reflections' Coachella Recap Video.

As Coachella Weekend One wrapped, the 'House of Reflections' in Indio, CA, stood out as a symbol of creativity and celebration for dancers. Here are some highlights from our event:

  • Reflective Shoe Box: Guests entered a giant Nike X Steezy shoe box dressed with reflective mirrors, creating the perfect moment for content capture and social sharing.
  • Live Performances: Dancers enjoyed a special performance by artist YAS, featuring the three choreographers from her “Skywalking” music video, and continuous DJ sets throughout the day.
  • Chill Vibes: Festival-goers relaxed on a mini putting green before diving into the festival's energetic chaos.
  • Energy Boost: Complimentary Red Bull energy drinks kept the crowd energized and ready to dance.

VIP guests included Savannah Clarke (Artist), Sharlize True (Actress/Influencer), Paravi (Artist), Brian Esperon (Creator of the WAP challenge), and Kenneth Espiritu (Recent America's Got Talent contestant).

Press highlights: The Hollywood Reporter, Hola, Uncover LA, Teen Vogue, Biz Bash, LA Confidential and more.