All These Dancer Memes To Perfectly Describe Your Failed Love Life

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All These Dancer Memes To Perfectly Describe Your Failed Love Life

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While dating a dancer has a lot of pros and cons, the pursuit might be the most heartbreaking part..For all you hopeless romantics that haven't found the Keone to their Mari, or better yet – those out there that keep getting rejected by the girl/guy of your dreams...Perhaps you'll be able to relate to all these memes.

1. Resort to double-tapping all their Instagram pics instead

2. When someone didn't learn about "windows" in Dance Class 101

3. It's much tutu painful to barre

4. We coulda been on Sound Cloud 9.. but you playin'

5. Not trying to Breed, but it'd be nice to have your Company

6. I promise I'm not treble

7. Everybody would clap their hands for us

8. I swear I'm not a cereal killer

9. Make up your mind..

10. Hello??! Notice me!

11. Like what the funk, man

12. "You're great, butt.."

13. Now there's an ice box where my heart used to be

14. Re-verb, it's what you don't do.

15. It's okay if you're not completely sure yet - we can learn this together!

16. You're so flyknit I can't let you freerun away from me

17. Don't you moonwalk away from me

18. You're still acutie though..

Can you think of any other "All these.." memes for dancers? Make your own and share with us!Need more memes in your life? Here's some on Twitter and Instagram. This article was originally published on January 6, 2016.