New Horizons For Dancers At OC Night Market

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New Horizons For Dancers At OC Night Market

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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Angelenos are hardly strangers to the 626 Night Market. Inspired by night markets that permeate through Asia, the 626 Night Market team works hard to provide those in San Gabriel Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, and Orange County with food vendors and non-stop entertainment at their events. This time however, the OC Night Market is cranking things up a notch on Saturday May 10th, by hosting their very first dance competition, Horizon!

To commemorate their first ever Night Market in the OC, the 626 Night Market is pulling out all the stops from Friday May 9th - Sunday May 11th, to provide you food vendors to whet your appetite, and entertainment to enrapture your soul. On Saturday night, Horizon will be a battle among 10 dance crews (including Beat Jerkeez, Kaba Modern, NSU Modern and Natural St8, just to name a few) for a $1,000 cash prize, determined by esteemed guest judges Ellen Kim, Aimee Lee Lucas, and Sorah Yang.

Although tapping into dance specifically is not new to the 626 Night Market team, organizing a full-fledged dance competition has been in their sights for over a year. Space has always been an issue in the past, as previous locations never had enough capacity for big crews. This time, the OC Fair and Event Center (their new and largest venue yet) will provide for an appropriate setting to take the OC Night Market to the next level, and will finally provide the capacity to tap into the strong and active dance culture in the OC and its surrounding areas.

With organizing a huge event like Horizon at the OC Night Market, it becomes evident how intertwined the artistic community is. As our friends at the 626 Night Market expressed, most competing teams are friends of friends, guest judge Ellen Kim was actually involved in filming a 626 Night Market short film last year, and guest judge Sorah Yang is a talented friend and classmate from college. It's events like these combining several groups together (the foodies, the dancers and the entertainers), that speaks volumes about the oneness of community.So, why the name 'Horizon'?

"The definition of a horizon is the apparent line that separates the earth from the sky - the line that divides that which is part of this earth, and that which is not. When we see the sun along the horizon, we see the glimmer of light at the edge of the earth, like the potential of greatness that lies in plain sight, yet is just beyond our grasp. It's a symbol of hope; in knowing that something better lies beyond what we can see, so we strive for it".

We at Steezy are excited to be a community parter at Horizon, and will be on site taking photos of the action, so be sure to attend and look out for photos from the event!Thank you 626 Night Market team! For more information:Website: www.ocnightmarket.comFacebook: Instagram: you been to the night markets before? What Asian foods are you excited to eat? Try not to drool when you comment below!