How Dancers Feel When a Dance Community Video Goes Super Viral

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How Dancers Feel When a Dance Community Video Goes Super Viral

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You're casually scrolling through Facebook when all of a sudden, you see a video from Vibe or Fusion or a workshop from a summer intensive on your feed...

But it's not posted by a dance friend, and it's not a direct YouTube link from Snowglobe Perspective or geraldnonadoez or OfficialInsertNameofDanceCompetitionHere.

Instead, it's brought to you in part by a random website with an article or caption that probably goes a little something like:

WOW look at this dance troupe perform this routine!

At first, you're like, "Wow this is so random lolz. I saw this live at that competition/workshop... lol silly non-community people."

You then press play, even though you have watched the video 23948 times about 8 months ago, when it was first released, and you reminisce about being there or watching it a while ago, and the feels come back.

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You have already seen it and buzzed about it, and you love that third piece to the point where you know most of the choreo.

As the video is still playing, you think about how the world has no idea what the dance community is, but it's okay cause YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT LIFE.

You scroll down and start reading some of the comments that these non-dancers are leaving. Ugh, bandwagonners.

Even with praising comments and critical ones - cause apparently EVERYONE'S A CRITIC THESE DAYS – you stop hating because dance is love and should be shared.

Plus, it's a good thing that the community is making its way to the public. #GOCOMMUNITY!

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Well the video is over now and after having an internal debate for about 6 seconds, you decide to share the video on your wall, you know, to support the community and stuff.

...but you want to make sure that your post subtly states to all of your non-dancing friends that you knew about it first, like waaaay before it became all mainstream.

After some typing, backspacing, and typing some more, your post reads something like:

Wow this is crazy that this video is getting so hype right now, but i'm glad the community is getting some recognition. it was insane seeing them live earlier this year when I was at that competition! I'm so glad i got to share the stage with them, and our community is growing faster and stronger than ever!

You share the video and post, and you're happy that the community is making its way to the public. Your job is done.

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But then you get that ONE non-dancing who is slightly annoying because he/she thinks that he/she is sooo cultured and educated in dance, and you see that he/she has shared the video on his/her page with some pretentious dance connoisseur comment.

He/she uses basic ass phrases including, but not limited to, "epic dance routine," "dance contest," and "killer moves."

And you just want to go on a comment rant saying something along the lines of,


And then you realize, again, that dance is love, and at least the community is getting recognized, so you cool your jets.

In the end...

You still know that you are a community dancer always and 5ever, and you know how the long practices and hard work and family and all that good stuff works to make this community what it is.

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Did we miss any emotion/feeling you get when a community video goes viral? Add to the list by commenting below!

This article was originally published on July 28, 2014.