Say Hello To Our Brand New Look

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Say Hello To Our Brand New Look

Charise Roberts
January 22, 2024
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In a way, dance and design aren’t all that different.

They’re both forms of creative expression…

They both require great attention to detail…

And whether you’re dancing or designing, the key to leveling up is to practice, experiment, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve always done our best to be both great dancers and great designers, but for a long time, it felt like no matter how we tweaked our website, our logo, our app…

The designs just didn’t feel right for the future of STEEZY.

So, we began a search for the core of our brand identity.

Getting to Know the Real “Us”

When Kevin Velasquez (AKA Kquez) joined the team as Design Director, he came to find that the STEEZY Squad had a lot more personality than the logo let on.

While the original STEEZY branding wasn’t awful to look at, it didn’t communicate the essence of who we are and who we want to become as a company.

“We're such passionate, unique people. When I first began exploring ways we could refresh the STEEZY look, making a brighter, more engaging color palette felt like a good place to start.” - Kevin Velasquez

No more drowning in a sea of bland-looking tech companies.

We finally had hues that go as full out as we do.

Next, came new typefaces, new icons…

And a whole new website!

Making Big Moves

We launched our website just over 6 years ago. Since then, we've created over 1,200 dance classes that you can take anytime, anywhere.

(Great work team!)

But the site itself wasn't doing a great job at enticing people to sign up.

Not everyone is a designer, but everyone can sense what feels right. Our drab, cluttered interface made it hard for people to take STEEZY seriously. - Kevin Velasquez

Kquez set out to craft a new site that captured the feeling of movement, gave a sleek sneak peek into the product, and projected a sense of professionalism.


And with all this change underway, we decided to take that first, cautious step in finding a logo mark.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Remember how we mentioned that both dance and design require practice and experimentation?

Well, that doesn't get any truer than when it comes to logos.

When a brand suddenly changes their logo, it can feel strangely off-putting.

Suddenly, this company (that you didn't even think you cared deeply about) seems totally different, and you're not sure if that brand still fits in your life.

So, changing your logo requires small, continuous changes that strengthen the brand's meaning without scaring anyone off.

I wanted to create something that still carries the STEEZY essence and still felt recognizable. Striking the balance between making something fresh but familiar was a huge challenge. - Kevin Velasquez


Kquez explored tons of different options for our new logo mark, but kept coming back to a couple of ideas...

A logo with hidden meaning amongst its sharp, clean lines.

The angles of the new STEEZY "S" are precisely 14° – a nod to the year STEEZY was founded!

A mark that encapsulated energy and movement, even in its simplicity.

The new gradient (which also sits on a 14° angle!) features vivid blues shifting into an uplifting shade of mint.


New look. Same Squad.

You'll continue to see our visual brand identity change to become more and more refined.

While things are going to start looking a little different around here, we hope these changes don't leave you feeling like we've changed.

Quite the opposite.

We're chasing after that feeling you get when you choreograph a piece that really feels like you...

That feeling when you're freestyling, alone in your room, and you're totally in the zone...

That feeling when you join a dance community that gives you a sense of place and purpose...

We're finally taking the time to embrace who we really are – and who we've always wanted to be. ❤️