Why I Enjoy Hell Weeks

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Why I Enjoy Hell Weeks

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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I like hell weeks.

Yes, they're exhausting. Yes, they're stressful. Yes, they make your car look like an explosion of shoes and sweaty T-shirts.

But I've realized that I also feel challenged, exhilarated, and more in love with my team than ever during hell weeks.

It's tough to maintain your energy throughout 8-hour rehearsals... every single night.. for a week straight.

Not to mention, you are staving off sickness, are falling behind on schoolwork, and barely have time to eat.

You've become an expert power napper and last-minute crammer for exams.

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You might have to dig around for awhile, but under these challenges is the opportunity to strengthen your will.

When your body is on the brink of collapse and your mind is already hitting a brick wall, pushing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically is a great test of inner strength.

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For me, feeling the support of fellow teammates who understand the physical pain I’m going through, having deliriously enjoyable yet grueling practices, and having the determination to make it through ‘x’ days until competition time, is an oddly satisfying endeavor.

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Each time I have found myself on the eve of hell week, I have come to realize that I feel excitement more than any other emotion, because I know it’s the last stretch of the race.

Ultimately, the few minutes on stage after months upon months of practice will bring about feelings of euphoria and accomplishment.

And that feeling makes all those grueling nights worth it.

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What helps you get through hell weeks? Let us know in a comment below!This article was originally published on April 17, 2014