You Can Dance. But Ken-Ya Dream?!

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You Can Dance. But Ken-Ya Dream?!

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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When you have the resources and the bandwidth of a large community at your fingertips, what do you do? You give back through philanthropy and humanitarian work, and the work Ken-Ya Dream does is a prime example of utilizing what the dance community has, to give to those in need. What started off as a simple dance showcase hosted by Ken-Ya Dream, became what we now know Ken-Ya Dance to be: an elaborate, 7-year tradition at UCI involving 20+ teams from all over California.

The best part? All proceeds go towards improving the quality of education for children in Kenya, be it donating books, library repair, or the sponsorship of kids' education, etc.Watch the president of Ken-Ya Dream, Ronnie Han, discuss how this non-profit organization began and what they do below! Thanks Ronnie, for giving Steezy your time!

Follow Ken-Ya Dance on their social media platforms:Facebook: to do good? How would you give back to the world through dance? Leave a comment below to let us know! In our last video series, we head backstage at Ultimate Brawl to interview the top 3 teams - check it out here! Lastly, subscribe to our YouTube channel for other videos and updates!