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Create an account on and learn the submission piece.
Record Yourself
Record a video of yourself 
performing the choreography.
Submit Your Video
Upload the video to IG or Tiktok with #STEEZYxAirMax in the caption to enter!
This year, we’re celebrating a decade of STEEZY. 

To capture the journey in just a few words:
10 full years of Dynamic Motion. Nike Air Max represents everything we’ve stood for in the dance community. Breaking the mold. Discovering your highest potential. 
Expressing your whole identity through movement.
Our ONE challenge winner will get an invite to the STEEZY 10-year anniversary Coachella party, presented by Nike Air Max (FRIDAY APRIL 12th, IN COACHELLA VALLEY). Must be a US resident above the age of 18 and submit by April 8th at 11:59PM PT.
Bring your A game.
Submissions Open
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Winner Announced
Submissions Open
Submissions Close
Winner Announced
Air Max Today
The first iconic Air Max shoe was launched in 1987, and now, in 2024, the new Air Max "Dn" revolutionizes everything that encompassed this shoe, "a reimagined platform for self-expression - and what it feels like to walk on Air." "We call it 'dynamic motion...the air unit can respond to the load of your body with each step... The feeling of heel-to-toe movement is seamless ...The Nike Air Max Dn was the first time we were able to unlock that feeling."

the floor is


Not Your Average Online Tutorial
STEEZY’s custom video player makes your online learning experience just like a class at a physical studio - but better.
How switch views works
Switch View
Watch the class from the front or back.
Loop Moves
Play any section of the class on repeat while you practice.
Mirror Video
No need to remember right from left in your head - just copy the instructor.
Control Speed
Play the video at whatever tempo works for you.
View Sections
Easily jump to any section of the class thanks to labels and time stamps.
Camera Mode
Use your webcam as a virtual mirror and dance next to the instructor.