10 Fun Dance Classes For A Date Night At Home

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10 Fun Dance Classes For A Date Night At Home

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Whether it’s a special occasion, or you just wanna spend your weekly date night doing something other than Netflix, these 10 dance classes from STEEZY Studio will keep you and your boo totally entertained!

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Read on for a list of dance routines and workouts you can do with your partner (or alone!) to spice up a date night at home.

Plus, we’ve paired each class with some fun ideas to help you make your date night experience feel extra unique. 


For the K-Pop Lovers...

1. Pretty Savage – Ellen & Brian

This beginner dance class is an exact cover of BLACKPINK’s iconic “Pretty Savage” MV choreography.

The class is taught by K-Pop cover sensations, Ellen & Brian, who are a couple IRL! 

You’ll get to see the moves on both a male & female body, so any person of any gender expression can see how to make the moves their own.

And learning this choreo with your partner will make you both feel hype and playful at the same time.

Class pairs well with: Korean snacks and/or takeout, a bottle of soju, and a K-drama lined up for after your dance sesh.

For the Dancehall fans…

2. Pon De River - Jason Facey

With easy-to-learn steps that repeat over the course of the song, this dance class is perfect for Dancehall and Reggaeton fans who want to learn some new moves.

It’s the kind of choreography that will leave you sweaty and smiling by the end, and once again, you’ll get to see it executed by both male and female bodies.

Since Dancehall is a social dance style, feel free to add on a lil partnered freestyle at the end!

Class pairs well with: TikTok lights for simulating the party atmosphere, island scented candles, and rum punch.

For those who love working out together…

3. Early 2000s Pop Workout - Rachel Woods-Oshiro 

Since this dance workout class is filled with nostalgic bangers including “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC, “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D & The Boyz, and “Waterfalls” by TLC, you’ll get a great workout in while bonding over all your fave bangers.

Plus, the class is geared toward beginners, so you can easily pick up the moves as you work up a sweat.

You’ll also get to enjoy watching your partner workout, which can be pretty hot – feel free to save water by showering together after. 😉

Class pairs well with: two towels, protein shakes, and a copy of Mean Girls/Napoleon Dynamite for afterwards.

For those who love swaggy grooves & lowkey sweet lyrics…

4. What You Know About Love - Jenna Beltran

This beginner class features plenty of moves that’ll make you and your boo feel cool, while also being set to a song that will make you feel sentimental. 💕

For extra credit, you can learn this one side-by-side, then perform it for each other at the end!

When you watch each other get down to the loving (yet slightly raunchy~) lyrics, you’ll feel like you know everythingggg about love. 

Class pairs well with: athleisure fits that you feel kinda sexy in, a bottle of wine, and a meal that you prepared together.

For those who love flattery-filled pop bops...

5. Intentions – Alexander Chung

This class is taught in both a beginner and intermediate version, so you can choose a difficulty level that best suits you and your loved one!

Either way, the moves are simple yet trendy enough that you can break out bits of this choreography at parties in the future. 

Plus, you’ll enjoy getting down to the lines filled with compliments and imagining yourself serenading your partner as you dance.

Class pairs well with: a polaroid camera for documenting your evening, a bottle of Champagne, and an engagement ring. (jk, the last one is not required 😳 )

For those with a lil dance experience and a lotta love for R&B party jams…

6. Caught Up - Jay Chris Moore

Learning this intermediate routine to Usher’s “Caught Up” will make you feel like you’re right back at the clerb circa 2004 – minus the sticky floor and questionable smells. 

It’s filled with fun, swaggy grooves that will bring a smile to your face as you get down with bae.

And since the lyrics are all about Usher being so into someone he can barely control himself, you’ll have plenty of excuses to shoot each other sexy looks as you dance.

Class pairs well with: Y2K-themed clubwear, a bottle of Henny, and a post-class pizza to soak up all those drinks. 

For those who can’t keep their hands off each other…

7. Bury a Friend - Phillip Chbeeb

Ok, so this song isn’t the most romantic, but the moves give you lots of opportunities to run your hands all over each other, which I think is a plus. 

You’ll have a ton of fun practicing all the twists, jumps, and floorwork – just be sure to wear long sleeves and pants in order to avoid causing too much friction!

This class from famous choreographer Phillip Chbeeb is on the advanced side, so take your time with it if you’re newer to dance. 

You can use STEEZY Studio’s Speed Controls and Looping feature to slow things down and watch tougher moves on repeat while you practice.

Class pairs well with: some carpet to practice on (don’t drop your partner on hardwood floors people!), blackout curtains + candles, and your favorite season of American Horror Story.

For the femme who wants to perform for a partner…

8. Watch N’ Learn - David Slaney

Learning this choreo will give you everything you need to put on a sexy surprise show for your loved one on date night!

With these easy-to-follow steps set to a Rihanna song, all you have to bring to the table is confidence. ;)

It takes just 20 minutes to learn, and like many STEEZY classes, you can watch the routine being executed by both male and female bodies. 

Class pairs well with: your bae’s favorite drink, so they can sip while they watch (n’ learn), something slinky from Savage X Fenty, and a lip color that makes you feel fierce.

For the femme who wants to take their sexy performance up a level…

9. Rocket - Kiira Harper

Since this dance is intended to be done in a comfortable pair of heels, you’ll feel extra sexy performing it for your partner!

And don’t worry – most of the moves are made easy by having your feet stay still while you move your hips, booty, and chest to create plenty of beautiful motion.

Plus, with Beyonce’s seductive lyrics to “Rocket” playing as you get down, you’ll feel like all eyes deserve to be on you.

Class pairs well with: your sexiest heeled booties, a bodysuit + thigh highs, and Red Lobster – delivered.

For those who are taking themselves on a date…

10. Savage Remix - The NaeNaeTwins

There’s no shame in having a little self-care date night for one!

And there’s a reason why this beginner dance routine popped off on TikTok last year – the moves are fun, the song lyrics will make you feel like a total baddie, and the girls who choreographed it drip confidence. 

So why not have them teach it to you, step-by-step, on your solo date night?

Class pairs well with: your bougiest party outfit, a TikTok filming set-up, and an extra luxurious bubble bath for when your dance party is done.