10 Types Of People You See Leaving A Dance Competition

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10 Types Of People You See Leaving A Dance Competition

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Scratch that, 0 types. Zero. No one. Because no one leaves. We always loiter in/around the venue until the end of eternity... (or that's how it feels)

Just kidding, we do leave eventually. And it's interesting to people watch and note how many different roles take part in a competition, dancers and non-dancers. At the end of the night, we're all heading to different places with different memories. Here are some types of people I've seen leaving a competition.

1. The One Who Didn't Eat All Day

"Where are we eating? WHERE. ARE. WE. EATING?!?!?!"

They probably got swept up in the adrenaline of comp day, and didn't order or eat much when you guys went to the plaza across the street in between tech & show time.

They probably aren't the metabolism-conscious ones that pack a banana and a zip lock bag full of cheerios and a XXX vitamin water the night before.

They probably didn't even realize that the hadn't eaten all day aside from their morning coffee, until the very end of the night when the commotion settles down, and they feel their stomach screaming at them.

So, they are the ones that are PUSHING for the post-comp late night meal. Denny's? BJ's? TGIF? In-N-Out? Some Asian restaurant that's still open? IDC! Feed me!

2. The Afterparty Hunter

The one who spends the majority of the day asking their friends on other teams if they're "down for a mixer with us?!" and afterwards, dives into texting people about plans, where to find a house, what kind of alcohol to buy, etc.

I love these guys because they're so down to meet new people and have their friends meet their other friends. Even if it's by turning up, that's what the community's about- having fun with each other!

3. The Bouncer

No, not the security guard. The one who rushes to leave the venue immediately after awards, (or even right after performing) because he/she has to

  1. study
  2. wake up early for school or work the next morning
  3. is just over it.

Needless to say, they usually don't eat or party with the team (/other teams) and are usually pretty clear about where 'dance' is in their priorities. Oh, okay, drive safe! :c

4. The MIA / Social Butterfly

The one who is always missing, because they're off talking to this friend or that friend and meeting everyone on this team and blah blah. Catching up here and there, sprinkling in some small talk, taking a bunch of pictures for people to post, with the caption "Haven't seen this guy/girl in forever!!"

They seem to be the last ones to leave, even though they probably have multiple post-competition plans lined up for the night.

5. The Supportive S/O

The boyfriend or girlfriend, armed with a bouquet of flowers, care package, and a proud twinkle in their eye. They're either:

  1. An alum of the same team,
  2. A dancer on a different/ non-competing team,
  3. A non-dancer that is still fully supportive and eager to get to know the community. (Hey! Check out

6. The Proud / Bittersweet Alumni

They usually come in a caravan, driving while reminiscing on the good ol' days when the team used to be a certain way. They're super loud, super cheery, and super. belligerently. drunk. I mean, we have to mask our excruciating nostalgia somehow /:

Just kidding. It's really fun to look back on old memories, support your old team, and see how the community is evolving. To see how far your lil babies have come. To make critiques and comments.

7. The Confused Parents

A bit traumatized from all the loud music and curse words and vapes and youthful energy.. but still proud of their baby!

I remember when my mom first came to watch me dance, she dressed all nice and brought me flowers. She said she really really enjoyed it, but was overwhelmed; after that, settled for watching videos of my performances, instead. (Thanks Gerald!)

8. The Tired Vendors & Their Boxes

Ah yes, the often overlooked but significant component of competitions- the vendors! The dance community is more than just some teams competing on the same stage, it's a whole culture. And what would the culture be without Kendama SD, Contour Hooligans, Kinjaz, and other vendors that entertain you pre- and mid- show?

You can catch us lugging boxes of PVC pipes, banners, merchandise, etc. back to our cars, exhausted but fulfilled. Probably not looking forward to a lot of post-production work, money calculations, or whatever content to create after, but still unquestionably happy to have taken part of another great dance event.

9. The Judges & Friends

Getting hijacked by fans for pictures as they walk through the venue, they can be seen chatting with their squad and catching up with old dance buddies that have been MIA from traveling.

10. The Venue Staff

Our unsung heroes. I feel like we should give more appreciation to the staff- they're the real  MVPs! Stage hands, security, ushers, box office workers, music and light people.. They probably had a longer day than us, and have to be the last ones to leave. Hats off you to guys!

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