11 People In The Dance Community That MUST BE STOPPED!

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11 People In The Dance Community That MUST BE STOPPED!

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Guys. GUYS. WE NEED TO STOP THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! And if you’re one of them… you NEED TO CUT IT!!!!! out. Cut it out. Lol.

It's all in good fun – but lezbehonest... dancers can be freaking outrageous…


1. The dancer that posts 4 parts of their piece on Instagram

LOVE that technology makes it so easy to share our work, but we all know someone who takes too big of an advantage of that opportunity.

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This someone posts 4 part videos, sometimes of someone else’s choreography, multiple times a week.

While it's great to feel proud of your performance, sometimes it's even better to preserve the class experience within the class!

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2. The beginner dancer that wants to start teaching after 3 months of dancing

Teaching classes sounds so fun and glamorous, but people are forgetting what the function of a class is.

A “class” is where people go... to LEARN THINGS.

So the choreographer has to be able… to TEACH THINGS!

Let's strive to become great teachers!

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3. The person comments “Song??” when the song.. Is in the title or caption..

The caption LITERALLY says “Choreographer Name – Song Title – Artist Name”

It probably would’ve taken less time to READ THAT than it did to comment on it...


4. The class-taker that asks questions that can be answered by just watching

"Is it right arm and then left arm? Or left and then right?"

There are lots of great questions to ask in a class, but if it is on something that you can catch by watching, try that first!

It's much more beneficial to your own learning process if you learn to pick up on details yourself ;)

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5. The dancers that don’t place at a competition and throw shade at the ones who do

At the end of the day, competitions are about sharing the love for dance, no matter the trophies.

6. The team members that get salty about not getting blocked front and center

Yo, it's okay!! We're dancing as a unit. Don't think about yourself – think about how the entire team looks on stage!

And if you DO get blocked front & center, EVEN if it’s just for a transition... be thankful!

If you know someone who's constantly butthurt / booty bothered about their place in blocking... tell them to cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it!

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7. The dancers who are chronically late to everything. Ever.

Just disRESPECKful.

Don't keep people waiting!

You're holding up the rehearsal, session, class, whateva.

It's not fashionable, it's just late!!!


8. Suck ups and name droppers

Oh really??? You just took so-and-so's class??

You're hanging out with WHOOO later????


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9. The dancer that humble brags

It's weird because I'm totally cool with people who STRAIGHT UP brag.

Like dude, you worked hard! You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments.

But we all know that one person who talks themselves up while masking it in a humble statement.

10. The class-taker that DOES THE PIECE when the choreographer just says to “watch”


When the choreographer is showing the piece to the class for the first time, there is no point to diving into it right away.

If you see it as a chance to show off because you're sooOO good at picking up choreo, it's not.

It makes you look like an amateur dancer because most dancers know how important it is to observe the musicality and execution.

STOP throwing away your chance to IMMERSE YOURSELF IN DA DANSING.

Just chilllll. Watch and learn!

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11. The choreographer that’s way into their meaning of the piece that they spend more time talking about it than teaching it

It's awesome when choreographers have a deeper "intention" they wanna convey through the piece, but it's NOT awesome to suck up 75% of the class to explain it.

When you over-explain, it takes away from the time that could be spent actually doing the thing...

Cuz you were too busy talking about the thing.

Being a good teacher includes being able to explain your intent efficiently. It should NOT take an hour.

I mean, people paid good money to learn how 2 do da dancing, not for group therapy!

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We're half kidding. We're not this sassy. But!!! These do hold some truth. We hope this reminded you to practice good dancer etiquette wherever you are!

Who are some other dancers that must be stopped??? Comment below and share with us!

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