11 Things That Make STEEZY Better Than An IRL Class

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11 Things That Make STEEZY Better Than An IRL Class

Charise Roberts
April 30, 2020
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Technology has its limitations, but there are a lot of ways that technology enhances our experiences!

That, or provide a completely new experience that is not otherwise possible – even in real life.

When it comes to taking a dance class, we all know how special an in-person learning experience is.

Which is why we made taking class on STEEZY Studio as close to a real class as possible – while using the advantages of technology to add in some elements that you CAN’T get in a real class. #It’sTheFuture

Want some examples? Here are 11!

On STEEZY Studio you can...

1. Go back to whatever section you need to review..

You can ask the choreographer to review a certain section in a class, but sometimes they still don't drill it as much as you need.

On STEEZY Studio, you can repeat a combination of moves literally AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

2. Pause and re-visit the piece

All of the classes are available at any time, meaning..

You don't necessarily have to finish a class in one session.

You can finish a class in an hour... or learn in sections over the span of a few months!

Or, if you're not in the mood for a certain or a piece feels too difficult, you can shelve it 'til later on, then take it.

You can't "BRB CU L8R" at a dance studio (without being totally rude), but you can on STEEZY Studio!

3. Take notes, like real notes

Ever hear something in class that's so impactful.. and you’re like, "OMG Yeah, THIS.  T H I S ! ! I’ll remember this for-"

*Forgets it*


There's lots of tidbits of advice and wisdom our instructors offer throughout their classes.

And if something resonates with you, you can hit PAUSE and write it down!

Don't lose any of these lessons!

4. Not wear pants

AKA you can take class in the privacy of your own home.

Take class butt naked if you want!

No one's judging you!

5. Choose your tempo

After you learn the moves in the piece the choreographer always breaks down each section in 3 different speeds:

Slow, Medium, and Tempo.

You can utilize the menu on the right-hand side of STEEZY Studio to go through the piece at any of these tempos.

6. Or, control the tempo

Can't Keep up?

You can slow down the player ANY TIME, even when the instructor is talking, to catch details in slow motion.

Or, if you want slow down the music even more, then you can hit that "0.7x" from the "Slow" tempo as well.

7. Watch the class from the front or the back

Do you prefer to learn from the back, like in a real studio class?

Or do you like to be at the front of the class looking in the mirror?

Well, you can have it both ways!

Switch your view seamlessly using that giant yellow button

OR just hit the shift key as a shortcut ;)

8. Keep watching exactly how it should be performed

Each class has its own concept video for you to see how the choreographer and their assistants want to portray the piece.

Think of it as the choreographer's "solo" at the end of the class – except you get to see it whenever you want, again and again.

9. Be your own select group

STEEZY Studio members are invited to be part of a Facebook group where we share our pieces, ask for advice, talk about our communities, and just get to know each other!

But most importantly, the group allows us to update each other on our progress.

You get critiques, encouragement, and recognition for the work you’re putting in as a dancer through STEEZY Studio and beyond.

Record yourself doing the piece you learned (smart phone camera quality is totally A-OK) and share it with the group!

The act of sharing pushes you out of your comfort zone, and the interaction with others holds you accountable for your growth.

Some of our choreographers are a part of that group as well, so they can give you 1-on-1 critiques and kudos!

11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio
11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio
11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio
11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio
11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio

10. Access 65 pieces

As of today, you can choose from over 65 different pieces on STEEZY Studio.

These classes range in style, level, and techniques utilized.

Each instructor has something unique and valuable that you can take away in every class.

Also... You can make requests!

Suggest someone you want to learn from and we do our best to make it happen.


11. Save money and pay for other things in your life

You know. Like school. Food. Gas. Those things.

Taking classes gets expensive..

If a drop-in class is around $12-20 per class, and you take class 3x a week...

That’s as much as $60 per week! $240 for the month!

Plus the time and gas it takes to get to the studio..

A STEEZY Studio membership is only $19.95 a month – a steal, when put into perspective.

Of course, we’re comparing apples and oranges, but for those of you who are bummed about not being able to get to a studio every week, this is a great supplement.

Did we mention you can try it an entire week for free?

Sign up today!


So have you tried to learn pieces off YouTube? Having to pause a video every 2 seconds and mirror the moves in your head? Yeah, we’ve come a long way.

Hope this article highlighted the ways that STEEZY Studio can help you train and grow as a dancer! Happy training, everybody!