Wanna Learn To Dance? Here Are 11 Reasons To Download STEEZY Studio

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Wanna Learn To Dance? Here Are 11 Reasons To Download STEEZY Studio

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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We made STEEZY Studio as close to an in-person class experience as possible, while using the advantages of technology to add in some elements that you CAN’T get IRL. #It’sTheFuture

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Want some examples of what makes STEEZY so dope? Here are 11!

On STEEZY Studio you can...

1. Go back to whatever section you need to review

IRL, you can ask the choreographer to review a certain part of the class, but sometimes they still don't drill it as much as you need.

On STEEZY Studio, each class is broken up into intuitively labeled sections that you can return to/repeat whenever you want.

2. Pause and re-visit the piece

All of the classes are available at any time, so you don't necessarily have to finish a class in one session.

You can finish a class in an hour... or learn over the span of a few months!

You can't "BRB CU L8R" at a dance studio (without being totally rude), but you can on STEEZY Studio! There's absolutely zero pressure.

3. Take notes – like real notes

Ever hear something in class that's so impactful.. and you’re like, "OMG Yeah, THIS.  T H I S ! ! I’ll remember this for-"

*Forgets it immediately*

Our instructors are more than teachers – they’re celebrity choreographers, dance battle champions, viral move creators, cultural leaders, and household names.

And they have A LOT of amazing tidbits to share.

So, if something resonates with you, make use of the pause button and write it down!

4. Play moves on Loop

If you've ever tried to learn a dance routine off YouTube, you know the struggle.

There's that one tricky move that you JUST CAN'T GET, so you have to keep running over to your laptop/phone to rewind.


And again.

And again.

That's why we made a custom Loop feature, that allows you to select any time stamps within the class and play that section on Loop until you're finished drilling.

Pausing is great for when you're done with class. Looping is great for when you're in class.

5. See yourself on screen

In a packed in-person class, you'll be lucky to get a sliver of mirror to watch yourself in.

And if you're learning at home, you might not have a full-length mirror to aid your practice process.

So we baked a virtual mirror right into STEEZY Studio!

Just turn on your webcam to dance beside the instructor and perfect your moves.

6. Control the tempo

Can't keep up?

On STEEZY, you can slow down the video speed to catch details in slow motion.

Then, when you've got the moves down pat, take the section at tempo.

7. Watch the class from the front or the back

Do you prefer to learn from the back, like in an in-person studio class?

Or do you like to be at the front of the class looking in the mirror?

Well, you can have it both ways!

Just use the Switch Views feature to watch your instructor from either angle.

Watch how Noah Grossman from SMOSH uses the camera angles to help the moves *click* in his brain:

8. Take guided programs

IRL studios usually offer singular classes from a mix of choreographers and instructors.

And that setup is great if you just want to learn a few routines or moves!

But what if you have ZERO dance experience? What if you can't move on beat or do a 2-step without tripping?

If you're a total beginner who's not ready for choreography classes, you can take STEEZY's 10-day "Intro to Dance" program and learn the very basics step-by-step.

Plus, you can also take guided programs in a variety of foundational styles!

Whether you wanna become a Ballerina, a Breaker, or a Heels dance vixen, we have a program that'll get you there.

9. Connect with thousands of dancers around the world

STEEZY Studio members are invited to be part of a Facebook group where we share our progress, give and get advice, do dance challenges, and just get to know each other!

You get critiques, encouragement, and recognition for the work you’re putting in as a dancer through STEEZY Studio and beyond.

Record yourself doing the piece you learned and share it with the group!

The act of sharing pushes you out of your comfort zone, and the interaction with others holds you accountable for your growth.

Some of our choreographers are a part of that group as well, so they can give you 1-on-1 critiques and kudos!

11 Things You Can Do With STEEZY Studio

10. Access 1,000+ classes

As of today, you can choose from over 1,000 classes on STEEZY Studio.

Our classes range from beginner to advanced, and cover a wide range of dance categories that you won't be able to find at any ol' studio.

You can take Dance Workout classes from legit, trained dancers.

Or learn the exact choreography from your fave K-Pop music videos.

You can even learn niche styles like Lite Feet, Locking, and Whacking.

And if there's something you wanna learn on STEEZY that's not yet available, we invite you to let us know.

We choose what to offer based on what you wanna learn.

11. Save money and pay for other things in your life

Taking a dance class IRL can give you a pretty unmatched experience that's worth paying up for.

Butttt we're not all made of money.

And if a local drop-in class is around $12-20 per class, and you take classes 3x a week...

That’s as much as $60 per week! $240 for the month!

So if you're just starting your dance journey, want to try something new without spending ALL of your coin, or want to start taking more weekly classes without going over budget, STEEZY can be a huge help.

An annual STEEZY Studio membership is under $200 for UNLIMITED classes, so you can continue supporting your local studios and/or take dance classes at home without breaking the bank.

Did we mention that you can try your first week for free?

Start your trial right here!