12 Types of Dancers You See At A Party Or Club

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12 Types of Dancers You See At A Party Or Club

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Dancers love to unwind, like REALLY unwind, as a treat for all our hard work. We live by the age-old adage Work hoard, play hoarder. And, as there are different types of dancers, there are specific kinds of partiers, as well. Here are 12 alter-egos that I've seen my fellow dancers turn into. See related video: 17 Types Of Dancers We All Know

Types of Dancers, #1: The Snapchatter

Fisheye lens? Check. Selfie stick? Check. 200-second story? Let's.. not check. Just kidding, I'll check the first 30 then accept that the rest of your story will just stay on my feed. Unless I know I'm in it somewhere, I'll press through all the other nonsense for my messy 3-second cameo.

Find Them: In the center of large crowds of people, Pat Cruzin' their smartphones.

Hear Them Say: "Yo get in this!" "Ayeeeeeeee" "We out heaaa!" "Turn up!!!" "Out there with my bro/girl (friend's name), say hi (friend's name)!" and of course.. "Snapchaaaat!!"

Types of Dancers, #2: The Photographer/Videographer

Sort of like the Snapchatter, but a teensy bit more legit. They're interested in documenting parts of the night with a nicer camera, just crouching down upon interesting scenes or candids. Or, most commonly, groups of girls who use their camera-sensing superpowers to strike a pose within .0003 miliseconds.

Find Them: Floating around the whole party. Usually extroverted enough to be there, but introverted enough to be comfortable behind the camera the majority of the time. More prevalent during retreats, or the fancier occasions.

Hear Them Say: "Over here!" "Pose!" "Haha, that's the one!!"

Types of Dancers, #3:The Self-Designated DJ

AKA the Aux Cord Hogger, jumping around on their SoundCloud playlists to choose the right tracks to match the ambience of the party.

Find Them: Next to the speakers, of course. Or hovering in that area, occasionally checking back in at the sound system to make sure no one stole their phone.

Hear Them Say: Nothing. Just bobbing their head and casually freestyling (really well at that, cuz they already pre-meditated on the song as a good freestyle song.)

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Types of Dancers, #4: The Freestyler

Goin' AWFF on that waacking/twerking/locking/housing/bodyroll/vogueing combo! Prompting people to think "Oh, drunk dancers at parties, of course..."

+10 points if they never freestyle sober.

+100 points if you can't tell if they are "funny/ironic freestyling" vs. actually freestyling.

Find them: Either in a corner alone, or in/around a "circle" with their friends.

Hear Them Say: "That's my sonnnng!" "Unh, unh, mm, yeah."

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Types of Dancers, #5: The Food Scavenger

Either they forgot to eat before getting there, or purposely saved their appetite because they anticipated free food.

Find Them: Next to the chips. Because chips are exponentially more delicious with every level of drunker you get.

Hear Them Say: "Anyone hungry? Taco Bell soon? Hey did you eat? In-N-Out after this?"

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Types of Dancers, #6: The Couple

There are actually 2 kinds of couple exclusivity:

The Simpy Couple, and The Fighting Couple.

Either way, they're the couple that just stays in their own world. Which boggles my mind because.. you're out with your friends! Step out of your co-dependence for like, a second please.

Find Them: Cuddled up on a couch in the corner, getting frisky on the dance floor... or in the parking lot in intimate/ tense conversation.

Hear Them Say: Either sweet nothings in hushed voices, or fight-frases, i.e. "Why did you ___?!" "No, listen,..." "I really can't deal with this right now." UGH </3

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Types of Dancers, #7: The Heart-To-Hearter

Hahahahaha. My favorites.

Find Them: One-on-one with a homie, or better yet, someone they just met that night. Holding hands, leaned in close. Nodding, smiling, having a grand ol' time making a new connection that they probably won't remember.

Hear Them Say: "I  just wanna say..." "No, like honest, for real, you're like.." "I swear we're like soul mates like actually seriously literally love you so much..."

Types of Dancers, #8: The Social Butterfly

They either already know, or want to meet everyone there. A well-known dancer community, or aspiring to be well-known.

Find Them: Fluttering around groups of friends, sprinkling in on this and that convo, but not staying in one place for too long.

Hear Them Say: "Hi, have we met! Nice to meet you! Hey, it's been a minute! Aren't you friend with (mutual friend)??"

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Types of Dancers, #9: The Shot Pusher

The raging alcoholic. Or the one that is a few levels of turnt above everyone else and needs to get everyone to join them.

Find Them: Circulating the party for lesser-drunk people, and assembling them in the kitchen.

Hear Them Say: "Aye let's take a shot. Shot? Aye you down for another shot? Let's go! C'mon, shot?? Cheers to.. just, life!"

Types of Dancers, #10: The Hot Mess

A lot of the times, The Shot Pusher will evolve into The Hot-Mess Monster.

Find Them: Hunched over a toilet or a bush, or knocked out on a couch with penis drawings all over their face.

Hear Them Say: "..... . . . .  .  .   .     .        .          . "

Types of Dancers, #11: The Flaker/Bailer

The one who spends hours debating whether they will show up or not- and ends up

  1. not coming at all,
  2. showing face for 10 minutes and disappearing, or
  3. coming NOT fashionably, but rudely 5 hours late.

Find Them: ?????

Hear Them Say: ?????

Types of Dancers, #12: The Thirsty Thirst

They show up with a mission. Like Chris Brown in "Came To Do," they are there mainly for one thing. A hookup.

Find Them: Making small talk/ trying to dance with their long-time dancer crush, or chit-chatting all the single hunnies n' gentlemen available that night.

Hear Them Say: "You know what I came to do, you~ You know what I came to doO..." Well, not literally. But might as well say it out loud!

What kind of dancer-partier are you? Let us know in a comment below!Make sure you're not just partying with dancers, but becoming a better one yourself. Train with STEEZY Studio anytime you want!