16 Things That Make Dancers Unreasonably Mad

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16 Things That Make Dancers Unreasonably Mad

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Sure, lots of things annoy us...

But what are some things that straight up make dancers mad? For reasons we're not really sure of???

Well, there are a lot of things. But here are 16 of them.

Try to get through the list without punching your screen in frustration.

1. When non-dancers try to show off their knowledge of dance moves

But end up kind of offending you… *facepalm*

2. THIS!!!!!

make dancers mad

Is there a mosh pit going on in your pockets or...??!

3. Music copyright issues…

make dancers mad

This face is probably exactly how you feel when you see it.

Learn about what you can do if your dance video gets blocked: What Is Music Copyright? How Does It Affect Dancers?

4. “When you choreograph something then a famous choreographer releases a video to the same song”

I mean, I still could...But I just... don’t want to anymore.

5. Rude or IGNANT comments on YouTube videos

make dancers mad

Or just internet trolls in general… Why the hate?! Who hurt you?!?!

6. When you’re feelin’ your music and it gets interrupted by an AD!!!

make dancers mad

Yo, my 'SUMMERVIBES2K17' playlist is NO PLACE for your commercials, Blue Apron!!!

7. When songs sound different from earphones to speaker

make dancers mad

There’s a piano on 5.... I swear...

8. People that don’t think being a professional dancer is a real profession

make dancers mad

Boom, b*tch.

9. When a dancer that doesn’t know the choreo insists on being front and center for groups

make dancers mad

Your confidence is admirable. Everything else, not.

10. Teachers that don’t... teach

***PSA: being a great choreographer does not automatically make you a great instructor***

11. If anyone were to disrespect Keone in any way

make dancers mad

Aiite man, you’re entitled to your wrong opinion, I guess.

12. When anyone calls themselves "humble"

make dancers mad

That statement kind of... implodes on itself???

13. When the cool parts of the Instagram video you wanna post are at the beginning and end of a 1:....03 long section

make dancers mad

My prestyle was super swagu... But I also hit dem folks at the end…I can't fit those moments into the same clip because IG has a 1-minute limit on videos...

But I really don’t want to do a carousel of videos… Why is life so hard?

See more IG struggles: Dancers On Instagram VS. Dancers In Real Life

14. When your celebrity dance crush (that you have 0 chance with anyway) has a bae

make dancers mad

I can’t have you.. But I don’t want anyone else to have you either!

Ever wonder Why Are Dancers So Attracted To Other Dancers?

15. When you f*cked up in groups but everyone else in it did great so you keep getting tagged in 10 videos of you f*cking up

make dancers mad

16. "Oh you dance?? Show me a move!"

make dancers mad

I'M NOT YOUR DANCE MONKEY!!! Ugh. You mad, bro???

Even though a ton of things make dancers mad, there are way more that makes us love dance anyway~

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What else grinds your gears? Comment below and share with us >;)