21 GIFs That Describe What It's Like To Be In A Dancer Relationship

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21 GIFs That Describe What It's Like To Be In A Dancer Relationship

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Dancer couples.. they're everywhere!! (See Related Article: The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Dancer) It seems that everywhere I look, people are either already boo'd up or at least "talking to" another dancer. In fact, a question I commonly hear is, "Would you ever date a non-dancer?? "The possibility of your significant other not dancing as an anomaly goes to show just how default "Dancer Couples" are. If you ever have, or are currently dating a fellow dancer, you two have probably experienced these following things...

1. Heart eyes-ing as you watch your dancer girlfriend / boyfriend kill a piece

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2. Wanting to choreograph a couple piece to every cute love song you hear #collab

3. Becoming family with your significant other's team #honorarymember

4. Seeing ya girl all glammed up for a dance team photoshoot

5. Sharing impeccably curated music playlists

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6. Being starving af and finally eating together after rehearsal

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7. Giving each other much-needed massages for those stubborn back knots

8. Being paired up for couple pieces in sets

9. The weirdness if, for some reason, you're casted with another teammate

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10. Trying a little extra during groups cuz you know your bae is watching

11. Sharing dance clothes

12. If you're on same team: showing up to every rehearsal like

13. If you're on different teams: waiting for bae to come home like

14. Pressing "play" for their music and assisting their classes when they teach

15. Obligatory cute couple photo in front of whatever landmark at each competition, usually at front of venue or competition name sign

16. When you're fighting but still have to be at rehearsal or class with other people

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17. Having totally different dance / choreography styles but respecting and learning from the other person

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18. Worshipping other dancer couples with chemistry to die for

19. When you watch them choreograph/freestyle and they hit your favorite groove

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20. Taking time to slow things down once in a while...

*Note- guys, if you haven't done this with your lady.... do it. Any night. Anywhere. YOU'RE WELCOME. #betterthannetfixandchill

21. "The Twirly Twirl" if you're feeling extra Nicholas Sparks-y

And that's our list! Through the ups and downs, we hope you love birds stay learning, growing, and playing, and of course, dancing with each other <3

Do you have experiences with your dancer boyfriend or girlfriend that we missed? Find a gif and share with us! Which of these things are the most relatable to you?

Leave a comment below if we hit the spot!Impress your boyfriend or girlfriend even more by becoming a BEASTLY dancer! Train with STEEZY Studio now and watch 'em swoon~This article was originally published on August 25, 2015.