24 Irritating Moments All Dancers Can Relate To

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24 Irritating Moments All Dancers Can Relate To

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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ALL dancers can relate to these annoyances... Not that they're a big deal – these are some liiittle and somewhat petty things that make us a wee bit salty. Not quite butthurt... just bootybothered. Fanny-troubled. Peach-emoji-pissed. Go through this list to shake your head and roll your eyes...Then remember it's not a huge deal and go back to loving dance and being happy!! YAY!

1. When your friend tells you they'll be at your class, but they don't come

2. When you tell your friend you don't have any more guest spots... so they don't come

3. When a non-dancer friend shares a "popular, viral dance video" on your Facebook timeline #really #willmymindbeblown

4. When you were about to choreograph to a song, but your friend (whom you showed it to) hits it first

5. When a friend or teammate asks like, everyone BUT you to be in their video

6. When someone jumps in when you were about to go in the freestyle circle #dazmysongtho

7. When someone crops you out of their Instagram video (because 1:1 ratio)

8. When you show up to a rehearsal and they only work on pieces you're not in

9. When you're leading stretches or warm-ups and someone clearly doesn't care to watch or follow

10. Knowing you killed a piece while learning but totally f@!#$ up during groups... especially if it's SELECT GROUP DAMMIT

11. When your calltime is at the buttcrack of dawn (and rehearsal the night before goes 'til like, 4 am so you basically only have time to drive home, shower, pack, and get to the venue)

12. When you think someone wants to take a picture with you, but it’s with another dancer

13. When a dancer you don't know is wearing a similar costume as you

(*But when a friend is wearing a similar outfit as you..)

14. When most 12 year olds these days are way better than you when you were 18.

15. When dancers are obviously sucking up or name-dropping...

16. When you tell a non-dancer you dance "hip hop" and they proceed to demonstrate some extra dramatized, cheesy, incorrectly executed "HIP HOP" move to half-mock you

Then we proceed to lower our skill level by 10x to try to not look like a douche #dancershade #dance #dancer #dancegram #dancing #dancemoms #duhfuq #meme #dankmemes #dank

A photo posted by @dancershade on Aug 4, 2016 at 6:46pm PDT

17. When you have to go through the whole day/ sit through the show in your outrageous costume & makeup

18. When you have a minor injury and know you should take a break but YOU DON'T WANNA STOP DANCING

19. When you first walk into a studio and it smells like feet, armpit sweat, and juicy garbage

20. When you end up getting blocked in the back for like, the entire set

21. When you finally meet a dancer you've been dying to meet and they turn out to be rude or cocky

22. When someone "can't take class" cuz they're broke or "can't make it to rehearsal" cuz they're busy and they're always posting pictures of themselves at a party/club/music festival/rave..

23. When your action shots are action-SH*T

Every damn time 😭 📸👽 #dancershade #dance #dancing #dancer #dancers #dances #beyonce #actionshot #competition

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24. When 2/3 of your paycheck goes to dance

Take it or leave it 😬 #💃🌴 #dancershade #dance #dances #dancing #dancer #dancers #choreography #teacher #danceteacher #patrick #patrickstar #brokelife #nomoney #spongebob #competition

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Har har har.. These suck, for sure! But ultimately, dance is a blessing, and we are happy to make these small sacrifices.

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We hope that laughing about these hiccups made them feel a bit more silly or manageable!

What are some things you're annoyed by as a dancer? Don't be shy, comment below and share with us!

This article was originally published on October 13, 2015.