3 Easy Waacking / Whacking Moves For Beginners

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3 Easy Waacking / Whacking Moves For Beginners

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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What Whacking Moves Should I Start With As A Beginner?

If you've always wanted to learn this powerful, dramatic, regal style, but weren't sure what Whacking moves you should learn, start with these 3.

These essential moves were taken from STEEZY Studio's Beginner Whacking Program with Lorena Valenzuela.

This 9-class program will teach you every fundamental move of Whacking such as lines, overheads, rolls, grooves, poses, and more.

There's also a history lesson and 3 practice drills to follow along. All the classes are only around 10 minutes long.

It's important to drill the correct technique, so we recommend you take the full program in order to get the strongest, most thorough foundation for Whacking possible.

1. Whacking Move #1: Lines

  • Extend 1 arm down, directly to the side, and straight up, to the side again, and back down.
  • Repeat this same pattern with the other arm.
  • Do it with both arms at the same time.

2. Whacking Move #2: Overhead

  • Start with your hands around your collarbone area, then move them up and behind your neck.
  • Your chest will naturally protrude as your hands go back.
whacking moves

3. Whacking Move #3: Rolls

  • Starting with your arm by your side, "roll" it the first time, completing around your chest, then roll it again to end behind your neck.
  • Repeat these 2 rolls on your other arm.
  • Do it with both arms at the same time.
whacking moves

These are very basic explanations on how to do each move. Take Lorena's Beginner Whacking Program in order to get the full instruction and drills!