4 Reasons Your Dancing Sucks

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4 Reasons Your Dancing Sucks

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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If you've always wanted to be a good dancer, but can't figure out how to go from awkward, stiff, and off-beat to smooth and confident on the dance floor...

You've come to the right place!

Check out these reasons why YOU might suck at dancing:

1. You’re not breathing while you dance.

2. You have a fixed mindset.

3. You’re doing the moves, but not actually DANCING.

4. You can’t take critique.

Now, watch this video for four easy solutions for all your dance struggles!


so you're wack.

you suck. you suck.

and the first reason you suck is probably because you're not subscribed to our YouTube channel.

oh you think we're kidding?


you won't ever get better
if you're not learning anything new

and that's exactly what STEEZY gives you every week.

so subscribe to our YouTube channel
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just ding it! just ding it! ding it!
[overlapping chatter]...dingleberry!

okay now that you're subscribed
you're already miles ahead

easy right?

and our first tip is just as easy.


your dancing sucks because you're stiff.
your moves aren't flowing into each other,

which makes you look awkward...
but, good news!

there's a really simple reason why you do that
and a really simple fix for it.

#1 you're not breathing.

okay, we're gonna try this little exercise
and you don't have to get up

all you're gonna do is swing your
elbows back and forward, back and forward.

now we're gonna try this while holding our breath, okay? and we're gonna see how it feels.

ready? five, six, seven...


now we're gonna try the same thing
but breathing through the movements, right?

five, six, seven, eight.

you see how much freer it feels?


when you're moving around, day to day,
you're not holding your breath,

you're breathing through everything that you do,
and the same goes for dancing.

once you start focusing too much on the moves,
and getting nervous,

and you hold your breath,
your movements are gonna look stiff

because your body's not flowing the oxygen
through your veins

I don't know when I turned into a doctor...

so, the next time you find yourself feeling stiff
or cutting your movements off, you know to breathe.

the second reason why you suck is your mindset.

you fear change.
you can't handle challenges.

you're plateauing because you take classes from the same people, in the same style.

and beyond the dancing,
you listen to the same music, day in, and day out.

and hang out with the same people

basically you live a lifestyle that
stopped introducing anything new.

this is why a lot of "ok" dancers just stay "ok"
and never quite get to "great".

so, if you usually learn choreography,
then go to a freestyle jam.

if you only listen to pop music,
then turn on an R&B playlist,

and if you only take class from Franklin Yu,
then take class from J Blaze.

here's a great example of dancing outside of your comfort zone.

so Jawn Ha is known for his extremely powerful
and masculine style

but, I recently saw a video of him in a whacking class
and I dang near cried

even dancers like Sherwin Salonga, aka Baby Tight Eyez,
who is literally the EBS Krump champion of the world

is on STEEZY Studio learning pieces from Lyle Beniga,

so that he can learn to execute in ways
that he's not used to.

we get it.
of course it feels great to be good at things,

but you have to be willing to be a beginner again because if you don't learn to love the building process,

then you'll stay wack.

reason #3.

you're doing the moves, but still not dancing

there's a difference between a singer that can hit all the notes,

and a singer that pours their heart and soul into their voice

often we think being clean or getting the moves
makes someone a good dancer

but that can only take you so far.
you need to get in your feels.

A good way to do that?
be in a setting.

come up with a story for yourself,
like we did in these videos for our STEEZY Studio classes.

aw! look at Sorah!
you're a loner at sadie hawkins!

or this one where Lyle's a cool guy at a club.

or this one where Scott's at a throwback pool party.

i started dancing by being on different teams
so I got really used to copying moves and being clean

and you know what?
I got really good at picking up all the "1eanda2s".

but I would always watch other dancers,
who do the simplest motions

and I'm like, yeah!
they're so engaging, so entertaining, they're so dope.

what am I missing?
and then I realized I wasn't dancing.

you see, when you strip dance of all the flashiness
and the technical stuff,

it's an expression.
so what are you expressing?

how do you feel?

it all goes back to that gut feeling when you first heard that song that made you want to get up and dance.

that's a feeling, that's a vibe.

#4 you're weak and you can't take critique.


oh my gosh, it's so hard to chew.
i don't want this!

Listen, it is human nature to want to feel validated
and as dancers that's even more amplified,

because we're natural performers, you know,
we're sharing a part of ourselves in our dancing

and we want people to like what we do.

that was really cool Clay!
thanks so much, Jessie!

heck I'll admit it, I'm an attention-seeker too.
but in order to improve and not suck,

you have to be open to, and even welcome critiques.

let's say someone leaves a comment with some negative feedback on one of your videos,

or your director calls you out,
or you don't get that audition that you wanted.

of course you're gonna feel butthurt in the moment,
but, come back to it later and say,

okay, what can I learn from this?

that's a sign of maturity,

and it really is the only way
to know what you should work on

we have a Facebook group where
STEEZY Studio members post videos of themselves

taking STEEZY classes, freestyling, or even
videos of their own choreography

and we've cultivated this culture of sharing
and giving constructive feedback

so, appreciate all the props, the compliments,
the fire, praise hands, 100 emojis.

and also the helpful critiques.

as Thanos once said,
"perfectly balanced as all things should be"

these are the four main reasons
why you suck at dancing

comment one thing that you want to work on today
so you can start sucking less.

suck less fam!

but, if you want a surefire, guaranteed, foolproof way
to suck less at dancing,

then click on that link and join STEEZY Studio.

you'll get seven days free access,

and you'll be able to join that Facebook group
that we were talking about.

thanks so much for watching guys!

don't suck, get buck.

I was gonna say suck less, straws are banned.