4 Things That Make Dancer Weddings Super LIT

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4 Things That Make Dancer Weddings Super LIT

Jennifer Chang
January 23, 2024
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Is it just me, or are all dancer weddings super lit?

@lpdavidlee David & Chanelle’s Grand Entrance (PT 1.) for the most LIT wedding EVER. 🔥✨😛 #wedding #weddingtiktok #litwedding #hype @Megan Thee Stallion @zola ♬ original sound - David Lee

‘Cause yeah.

That looks pretty lit.

And while dancer weddings have always been on a whole nother level, now that we have apps like Instagram and TikTok, other people are starting to take NOTE. 👏

Just ask our very own David Lee, whose wedding festivities went viral last October. 

@jazminek_pa The most LIT wedding EVER. Just you wait for the footage 🔥 @lpdavidlee Chanelle 🖤 #wedding #litwedding ♬ original sound - Jazmine K_PA

But what is it that makes a dancer wedding a *dancer wedding* – not just a wedding where people dance?

Let’s discuss. 

1. Drip for Days

If you didn’t already know, dancer fashion is a thing.

Whether it’s those off-duty/on-the-way-to-the-studio looks, meticulously planned fits for cyphers and concept videos, or elaborate performance costumes… 

Dancers bring a LOT of creativity to what they put on their bodies, because their bodies are literally the vessels for their art.

Add in the fact that dancers are literally trained to “make an entrance” when they perform…

@jazminek_pa We ALL had CUSTOM looks ✨ Styled by @AVTN Studio @lpdavidlee ♬ Tadow - Masego & FKJ

And you get some KILLER fits getting turned out on the wedding aisle and on the reception dance floor.

Every moment is an opportunity to serve looks, swag, and personality.

Wedding attire is no exception. 

2. Epic First Dances

The first dance is the first time the newly-married couple is unveiled to the world. 

And like we mentioned earlier - dancers like to make an entrance. 

@lpdavidlee David & Chanelle’s Grand Entrance (PT. 2) for the most LITTY wedding EVER. #wedding #weddingtiktok #litwedding #fyp #hype @avtnstudio @theestallion ♬ original sound - David Lee

The first dance is mostly likely the product of several hours of rehearsal time, and a routine they probably choreographed themselves from scratch. 

And it probably won’t be set to a sappy love song either 😅

The behind-the-scenes dedication and off-the charts boldness set up dancer weddings for some unforgettable moments. 

3. Hollywood-Worthy Production

It’s no secret that dancers have tons of experience putting together stage productions. 

So OF COURSE they’re gonna apply that same knowledge and skill set to making sure their wedding is of the same caliber.

There’s a cast, crew, lights, and certainly a few cameras involved.  

And with the dancers running the show, you get epic wedding video moments like this:

@jazminek_pa Grand Entrance Bianca|Patrick|Austin (Bridal Entourage) @lpdavidlee + Chanelle’s wedding #litwedding #wedding #grandentrance #dancerweddings ♬ original sound - Jazmine K_PA

4. A Full-Out Party

The reception party makes or breaks any wedding. 

After all, this is often the deciding factor on whether or not your guests had a good time! 

But a huge issue that can drag a lot of reception parties down? The guests not feeling confident on the dance floor.

Sometimes, even the best DJs (and free-flowing drinks) aren’t enough to get people out of their seats, because everyone is afraid to let loose.

But at a dancer wedding – you can’t keep people OFF the dance floor.

If anything, you might have an issue with running out of space!

Expect freestyle circles. Expect Soul Train lines. Expect people to do much more than variations of a 2-step.

Our Director of Video, Claydohboon, getting down at his reception 🥺

After all, weddings are about love.

And if we can show love to our favorite people and the art form that drives us at the same time... hell yeah.

That's exactly what we're gonna do.

Have you gotten to experience the amazing-ness of a dancer wedding? Share your story about it below!

And if you’re trying to manifest an invite to a dancer wedding, but you’re not a “dancer” yet… don’t worry!

You can sign up for STEEZY Studio and join our virtual dance community to start making dance friends all around the world.

Hope to see you there! ❤️