5 Easy Workouts That'll Improve Your Dancing

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5 Easy Workouts That'll Improve Your Dancing

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Looking for easy workouts for dancers? If you want to dance stronger, become more flexible, and have more control, then you need to condition your body properly.

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Dancer Karl Flores recommends these 5 exercises as the perfect, full-body workout plan for dancers!

1. To dance stronger and faster:


3 sets of 6 with 90 seconds rest

workouts for dancers

Targeted areas: arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, core.

This high-intensity exercise is a great warmup because it works out your entire body!

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2. To increase your stamina:


15 minutes a day

workouts for dancers

Stop being out of breath in class or when you freestyle!

Build up your stamina to be able to dance all night.

Tips: Jump rope, jog, swim, or DANCE!

3. To dance stronger:


3 sets of 10

workouts for dancers

This builds muscle in our entire body. You'll have stronger foundation in your legs, and be able to hit moves harder.

Tip: Start with just your body weight, then slowly add weights!

4. For easier hip and leg movements

Glute Bridges

3 sets of 12

Targeted areas: glutes, hamstrings, core.

Glute bridges will increase your turnout by targeting your hips, and make all your leg movements look stronger.

5. To improve coordination


3 sets of 30 seconds

These will strengthen your glutes and improve stability. Skaters help with balance and posture, making your movements look smooth and effortless.

Watch our video with Karl for more tips on working out to dance better!

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