6 Superpowers That All Dancers Have

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6 Superpowers That All Dancers Have

April Rodriguez
January 23, 2024
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Research shows that over 50% of our communication is non-verbal, which means that what you say is only giving half of the story!  It’s not too big of a surprise that dancers have superpowers!  Since much of their time is spent perfecting non-verbal communication by studying body language, you might want to be careful the next time you’re face to face with a dancer.

1. Dancers can be “heard,” without needing to be heard.

Dancers have an ability to get their point across or to communicate powerful feelings without needing to say a single thing.

2. Dancers know what you’re feeling, even if you haven’t said a thing.

Most of their time is spent on strict observation of the human body, so dancers can easily tell when people fake the funk. Where you hold tension, how you position yourself, and the sway of your gestures do a lot of talking when you aren’t aware of it.

3. Dancers can control your emotions.

With a look in your direction, or a wave of the arm, dancers can manipulate your emotions bringing you from a state of joy one second, to a state of shock, then maybe finish you off in tears.  What to do to keep your emotions in check — look away!

4. Dancers can transform into anything.

They can take any form: sexy, strong…Young…


If a dancer wants to be a nerd…

or a GQ model…

or a zombie…

…whatever you can think of, you got it!They can probably transform into YOU!

5. Dancers defy darkness.

With moves like Jagger and even more, dancers have the ability to turn a dull day into a party, easily turning frowns upside down! Providing entertainment is their job, their expertise, and they’re damn good at it.  If you’re having a rough day, I suggest you find the nearest dancer, or put on some dancing shoes yourself, and summon the super power of dance!

6.  Some of them can make shapes appear out of nowhere.

or… make you think that shapes will appear out of nowhere…

Featured dancers & friends: Lyle Beniga, Keone & Mari Madrid, Vinh Nguyen, Lydia Paek, Shaun Evaristo /mL, Harry Shum, Twitch, Julian "jFunk" Daniels, Anthony Lee & Mike Song /KinjazThis post originally appeared on April's personal blog. April is also the creator of Artist Resource LA, a medium to help artists achieve their dreams. Find out more by following the links!Do you know of any other superpowers dancers have? Leave a comment below!Even the best dancers have to train hard to get their superpowers, and one of the greatest powers you can have as a dancer is musicality. Here's some tips on how you can train your musicality!