6 Ways To Get People To Watch Your Concept Video


6 Ways To Get People To Watch Your Concept Video

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Congratulations on finishing your concept video! All the blood, sweat, and tears finally paid off!

It's not "about the views," of course, but after working so hard on choreographing, shooting, and editing, you do want people to watch your concept video.

You didn't make it so it can just sit in your camera roll. And who knows who you could inspire with your work?! You'll never know unless they watch it...

So here are 6 tips to get more people to watch your concept video!

1. Explain the story behind your piece

Dance is an expressive art form, so being able to tell a story through movement is a useful tool to show intention, feelings, and personal stories.

It is also, however, sometimes more difficult to interpret.

If viewers are able to understand the story beforehand, then they will be able to resonate and feel the emotions of the piece much better.

Simple things like including a brief (or maybe even thorough) description to your piece or filming a short video of you explaining it can be very useful so that your viewer can have a clearer vision of what they are supposed to see within your piece.

That way, your concept will draw the attention of those who resonate with your message, and your video will leave less room for misinterpretation.

2. Focus on quality, not quantity

Sure, you can record your dance with your phone in front of your house and upload it. But quality does matter. You don't wanna watch a 240p video either, right?

The more attention you put into your concept video, the more attention it will get.

For example, solidify your choreo with your cast a little more. Hire an experienced videographer to film your video.

Clean up your surroundings so there isn't random stuff in the frame.

Attention to detail shows that you're invested the quality of your piece. People like quality.

3. Make marketing teasers

Make attention-grabbing trailers or small clips to post on social media!

Nobody’s going to know about or anticipate your concept video, so why not make it more exciting with a trailer?

You can post either the beginning of the video or even just a clip of you and your squad.

Make hype for yourself so that when you do release the concept video, people are eager to watch it.

4. Share it on your social channels

Post your video on FaceBook, put it in your Twitter and Instagram bio, upload it on Tumblr, heck, even post it on MySpace. Promote that ish like it’s your new mixtape.

There’s no shame in doing so, it just shows that you’re very proud of your work (you should be!)

And get your friends to share it too!

Send them links of your video and thank the for supporting you.

5. Design a custom thumbnail

If you’re posting your video on youtube, make sure to also have an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Rather than a freeze frame of your piece, a high-quality photo with the title of the piece is much more clickable.

Click here to learn what makes an eye-catching thumbnail!

6. Send it to us!

STEEZY features our community's videos on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels as Videos of the Day, AKA #STEEZYVOTD.

Click here to submit your dance video to us!

We love watching all you dope choreographers and dancers killin' the game and helping the rest of the world recognize, too.

Thank you once again for your hard work towards your video!

Never stop creating content and sharing it with the world!