7 Unique Ways To Keep Your Dance Team Motivated

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7 Unique Ways To Keep Your Dance Team Motivated

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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The best thing about being on any dance team? The people you're surrounded by.

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Your teammates are there to draw inspiration from, and also to and lean on when you need support.

Thank goodness for this – all of us fall into slumps every now and then and can use a boost in confidence.

Whether you’re a director or a team member, everyone has the ability to spread good energy to another dancer.

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So be that person and motivate those around you! Here are 7 tips to uplift the spirits of your teammates!

1. Tell your teammates they’re doing great – and why!

We’ve heard others talk down on themselves...

"I’m such a bad dancer” or “I can’t get this piece” or “I suck at freestyling...”

Help them change that negative mindset!

Tell your teammate how they've improved.

Be specific – "You're now more ‘in the pocket’ than before!" "Damn, your last freestyle though!"

Hearing encouragement and being noticed by another teammate (especially leader) can make a difference!

Try giving someone on your team props!

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2. Emphasize goal setting and check in 1-on-1

#goals or #dancegoals is not just a social media trend.

It’s a great way for dancers to ensure that they’re growing.

First, make sure you're leading by example!

Set your own goals and share them with your fellow teammates.

Encourage them to do the same so that you are all pursuing something specific.

Consistently check-up on each other’s progress.

If you're a director, setting up one on one sessions with your dancers gives you the opportunity to provide feedback.

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3. Review and practice together

Choreo pick-up can be challenging, especially if it's something out of our comfort zone.

We've all struggled trying to keep up with a choreographer’s musicality, textures, placements, character intention.

Take time to practice with a fellow teammate. You both might have sections you're more comfortable with.

You will help each other spot-clean those problem areas!

This will also develop your confidence in teaching.

Also, taking a bit of time out before rehearsals or when you're just chillin' on the sides to practice sets the tone for the entire team to be more proactive.

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4. Collaborate with your teammates

We all hit a creative block every so often.. at the face of that one bass or snare and just can’t decide what move to do.

Solution: Ask someone to create with you!

You’ll be able to receive insight and critiques.

When you work together, you can both learn and make something amazing together!

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5. Start a performance countdown

“10 Days ‘till Body Rock”

Just seeing a visual reminder of an approaching show can get your team hyped.

Write it on the studio mirror or use a whiteboard where the entire group can see.

The urgency of the upcoming show will keep your team more focused during rehearsal.

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6. Spice up the countdown with spirit days!

Flashback to high school.

Remember Homecoming Week when everyone dressed up for Crazy Hair Day or Twin Day?

Bring that same energy to rehearsal! You're never too old to be silly.

After all, getting performance ready can be stressful AF – make it a bit less brutal by sprinkling in some spirit.

Plus, these make for some great Instagram photos ;)

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7. Kick it outside of the studio

Hanging out with each other outside of practices helps build team chemistry.

This chemistry is going to help the team on and off stage.

Eat out after rehearsal. Host occasional movie nights at a house. Go bowling. Share funny memes on GroupMe.

Group hangouts can form trust and lifelong bonds within the team!

You’ll notice a different vibe once everyone becomes comfortable each other, too.

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HUGE shoutout to Jordan from Press P.L.A.Y. for submitting this article! We hope his tips gave you some ideas on how to push your team this season!

If you have any of your own ideas on how to keep your team pumped up, comment below and share with us!

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