8 Moments That Make You Appreciate Being A Part Of The Dance Community

Dance Culture

8 Moments That Make You Appreciate Being A Part Of The Dance Community

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Look around you. At your friends. Your team. Even on social media. You’ll notice how dancers share this natural bond with each other.

Though sometimes, the dance community can get under your skin…

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and as irritating as some people and moments can be... (examples in 22 Irritating Moments All Dancers Can Relate To)

There are also so many remarkable things about our dance community that we all appreciate.

After all, our dance community is such a unique and amazing network of relationships.

It’s a pool for growing talent, a breeding ground of opportunities, an invisible place that somehow became a home for a lot of us.

Here are 9 beautiful moments that you’ve experienced by being a part of it. Keep reading to be filled with warmth and joy!

1. When dancers share each others’ videos

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time doing so, putting out YouTube videos of your choreography is nerve-wracking.

But that nervousness soon evaporates as the positive feedback and encouragement starts to pour in.

Seeing dancers share each other’s work and show support for each other's’ creative endeavors highlights the fact that this isn’t a competition between anybody.

There’s enough talent and passion to go around.

And by elevating each other, we’re elevating our community as a whole.

Keep hittin’ that “share” button!

2. When you go to international events like Body Rock or Hip Hop International

Seeing talent from other states and countries is such an extraordinary, eye-opening experience.

Not only is it inspiring and humbling, but these in-person meetings also connect us.

Bridges are built any time you introduce yourself to a new person, exchange Instagram handles, or even cheer for another team that you love.

These simple handshakes and hellos turn into exchanges of ideas, collaborations, opportunities.

And it gives you, at the least (which is probably the most valuable thing,) a new friend :)

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3. When a video of our friends makes it onto mainstream media

I think it’s awesome when videos by dancers in our community catch fire like this.

Whether it’s a Buzzfeed-y post on one of those viral video sites or a music artist sharing the video, it feels sort of like a nod from the rest of the world that we’re super cool. Lol.

We react with a hipster-esque “oh, I’ve been here... I watched that live...

My friends are in that video” attitude, like we’re all in on the same inside joke. Like, “Oh YOU THINK YOU KNOW US???”

But. You know. We all secretly kinda love it.

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4. When the community comes together for a cause

Anyone that pursues a new project needs the support of those around them.

Luckily, our dance community is filled with kind, and generous souls that jump at the chance to support their fellow dancers.

These acts of support create echoes for the good deeds that dancers do.

Non-profit organizations, mission trips, and various other causes have been heavily backed by the dance community.

It’s heartwarming to see us congregate to make dreams come to life.

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5. When you meet new people in class

Of course taking class is for you to train, but it’s also kind of a social event as well.

I personally love taking class because of the chance it gives me to connect with other dancers.

Whether it’s a person I’ve heard of before yet never formally met, or someone completely new that I just happened to spark a conversation with, I cherish all these new friendships.

It reminds me that dance is a beautiful common ground we stand on, a language that all of us speak – no matter where we come from.

And it makes me eager to meet anyone and everyone who shares this passion.

6. When you go out with the squad and y’all are, inarguably, the best dancers at the club / bar / party

It’s not like we’re trying to be judgemental; more so that we just really love to dance – and it shows.

I mean, put a singer in a Karaoke room and they’re gonna be bomb. So when a bunch of dancers are on the dance floors… IT GOES DOWN (IN THE DM).

For dancers, the best part of going out isn’t drinking or flirting with a crush – it’s starting cyphers with random people, doing stupid grooves without feeling insecure (because we know we’re actually much better than that), or even just dancing by alone in a corner.

Cause you know you still killin’ it.

7. When couples who met through dance last / get married

No matter how cynical you wanna act, and whether you have experienced it or not, everyone’s a sucker for love. EVERYONE!!!

We all inherently desire something real, genuine, and lasting.

Because we’re such a tight-knit community and spend so much of our time with each other, it’s inevitable that many dancers date other dancers.

And oh man, do we love watching these relationships blossom.

We love the fact that dance allowed for these two people to meet and fall in love.

We love these dancer couples for their quirks and cuteness, depth and resilience.

We love, most of all, when this love stands the test of time and bring the two to marriage.

It’s so tear-jerkingly wonderful GOSH DARNIT. WHO’S CRYING HAHA NOT ME.

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8. When you think about all the history that created the community

If seeing dancers from around the world reminds you of how huge our community is spatially, then looking back on our history gives you another – a temporal – idea of its size.

Our community extends across different places and eras so vastly. The more you learn about it, the more it will strike you how much more there is to find out.

There have been so many extraordinary people, groups, events, and obstacles that our community has gone through to be what it is today.

Being aware of this history reminds us all what an honor and blessing to be a part of this movement.

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Are you tearing up yet? Yeah... me neither.....

What are some of your favorite moments as a dancer? Comment below and share with us! All this love got you motivated to keep growing?

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