Are You One Of These 17 Types Of Dancers?

Dance Culture

Are You One Of These 17 Types Of Dancers?

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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You know these 10 types of dancers...

But of course, there's so much more to these types of dancers than a short skit can portray! Here is a list of those 10 types of dancers, PLUS a few additional characters that we weren't able to include in the video. Which one are you? Go through the list and find out!

1. The Salty OG

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

“This team… the community... isn’t what it used to be.” This dancer, usually in their late twenties, thirties, or even forties, remains chronically nostalgic for “them pre-YouTube days” and isn’t shy about preaching their old-school wisdom to the newer dancers.As long as you are open to teaching, we are always open to learning from you, Senpai!

2. The Dance Slut

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

There are 2 kinds of Dance Sluts:DANCE SLUT #1: The one who has, over the course of their dance career, tried out for / made several different teams, committing to them for a few months at a time. But they ultimately did not form a strong enough association with a single one.I understand, girl.We just want to find “THE ONE,” but maybe that’s scary? Maybe it just hasn’t happened yet??MAYBE YOU JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN I MEAN C’MON WE’RE STILL YOUNG RIGHT???DANCE SLUT #2: The one who juggles multiple teams and projects at once, for this comp / show / event / video.“So I’m on ___.. But I’m performing with ___ for ____... And I also direct ___ on the side. While commuting to LA and San Diego for ___ and ___!”Whoa whoa whoa, okay now.I have so many questions for these “slutty” dancers who juggle so much.“Do you sleep?” “How does your brain store all that choreo?” “Do you drive a Prius?” and, “Where do you even live?”Mad props to these people yo. Your Google Cal probably lookin' cray.

3.The Thirsty One

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

See also: The one who wasn’t good enough at basketball in high school, and, after much contemplation over how they will be able to feed their pubescent hormonal appetite aka GeT dA Lad1ez, coincidentally strolled by a cypher in the quad. Upon witnessing how girls go crazy over sh*t like body rolls and choreo to Chris Brown songs, dove into: All-Male, a junior team, or sessions in their garage... and the rest was history.This is the type of dancer who ranks teams based on the hotness of their girls.The type of dancer who probably has done every single one of these Sexy Dance Moves.The type of dancer who salivates over the cute “newbie” and slides into their DMs replying to the dance video she posted with an "Ughhhhh 😍"

4. The Hot One… Who Can’t Dance

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

No matter how pretty the girl...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can make up for her DOWNRIGHT ATROCIOUS dancing!!I mean, not to be harsh, but we are dancers. Which means eye candy is NOT limited to how someone looks – we are largely interested in how they MOVE.The parts that this girl “kills” in a piece are strictly limited to: bodyrolls, hair flips, p*ssy pops, and facials. Yeah, I said it. Facials.Like these! The 10 Facials You Make When You Dance+ 10 ButterDance points if they ever used a Rihanna or Kehlani song for choreo day.+10 more if the best part of that piece was before they started, when they just smiled nervously while fixing their hair.

5.The Actually Thirsty One

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

Broseidon, King of the Brocean, this prayer is for the LITERAL Thirst, for he is half-man, half-elephant, yet refuses to invest in a damn Hydroflash.“Can I get a waterfall?” “Did you bring extra water?” “I’m kinda low-drated, can you get me hy-drated?” Sigh. Sure.

6. The Kendominatrix

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

"Is this a dance competition or a Kendama convention?!"From kendamas to fidget cubes and fidget spinners, dancers always seem to develop a weird obsession with little trinkets.This dancer is always getting into trouble by the directors for playing with their thingy every chance they get.P.S., I’m starting a movement to bring yo-yos back. Yoyo Ma. WHO'S WITH ME?!

7. The Yas Man

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

“Slay, werk, YOU BETTAAAAAAA.” There’s always THAT DANCER who is particularly generous about making people feel good.And they do NOT hold back: their YASes usually come with a frantic hand wave, or finger snaps with accompanying duck lips.Yabsolutely, The Yas Man/Woman is probably one of my most favorite people on a team.

8. The Anal Dancer

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

What’s this dancer’s favorite game? 21 questions! Or, 93478193074 questions. Per minute. Every rehearsal.Whether these questions are because they genuinely need assistance, or if they’re a way to passive aggressively correct someone who’s being a hot mess, (“I THINK WE NEED TO REVIEW THIS PART AHEM AHEM”) they are always on TOP of the cleaning game.“Is it zyoom, or zyOoom? Is it 45 degrees, or like… 50? So the lines are supposed to be windows, but some people aren’t using their perrripheralsssss.”The Anal Dancer probably wrote this article... How To Clean Your Dance Team

9. The Sweaty One

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

Brings 4 shirts to practice. Regrets not bringing 2 more.His grey shirts stay grey for maybe 3 seconds during stretching, quickly get blotted by dark bubbles of sweat, then reach a dramatic ombre, then turn completely black within another 8 seconds.By the time we get to the arm stretches, his shirt is sticking to his body like spandex (hello nipples) and he’s dabbing away with his little towel.At the end of class or rehearsal, he changes quickly into shirt #4, but is still hesitant to hug anyone. Loses a lot of water weight during class.

10. The Always Injured One

Are You One Of These 17 Dancers?

THIS DANCER… or Half Dancer, Half Team Cheerleader, seems to have the worst luck with injuries.Whether or not they're a b-boy/b-girl, they sure know how to break. Their bones.This one's even injured in this video, 3 years later!!! #continuity

Make sure you're dancing safely, STEEZY Nation: 7 Stretches To Help You Dance Better (And Stay Injury-Free!)

Other types of dancers...

11. The Token B-Boy

“Yeah, I struggled with choreo when I first started, haha, you guys are so good, haha, still learning ya know…” *shyly scratches head*He started out in garages and jams, ALWAYS steps in and do something crazy impressive in freestyle circles, and there is a 100000% chance that he's like, really really cute.And he probably has like shadows of abs, and that V cut muscle thingy that is revealed when he does anything upside-down. uGH.Anyways, he’s the one that casually pulls out a spin-freeze-flare-hold-idk then goes “ah man, I’m rusty!”Also, tricks in sets? There’s your guy. He’ll flip his way across stage… then run off. O-moment! Wow-factor! Oh ok bye.

12. The “Technically Trained” Dancer

This type of dancer is sort of like the B-Boy, in the fact that they have an arsenal of impressive moves: turns, leaps, tilts everywhere, EVERYWHERE!!They are graceful and clean but probably went through a learning curve of becoming more “grounded” for the HIP HAP / Urban Dance Choreography world.Confused? Read this: What Is Urban Dance?They probably are really hot, too. But in like a classy way.If this is you, get tips on How to Transition into the Dance Community As A Trained Dancer

13. The Industry Star

He/She is signed with an agency. They’re amazing dancers. Phenomenal performers. Insanely talented choreographers.The downside is that they may be managing several schedules at once and are probably absent from a lot of rehearsals and team events.But the upside is that their passion inspires us to take dancing more seriously, whether we're pursuing it as a profession or not.

14. The Outlier Tall Guy

AKA: Back Center Default, Designated Selfie Taker, The XL Shirt Order, Messy Arms.If you forgot your selfie stick, it's okay – Long-Limbed Larry to the rescue!

15. The Outlier Tiny Girl

This girl, standing around 5 feet 0 inches, in size 3 shoes, and gets blocked in the front spots just based on their height.But they're probably really good too.

16. The Fanboy or Fangirl

Fan-age exists in everyone in different dosages; there are those who are full-blown ACs.But still, I think ALL of us are fangirls & boys (obviously we’re fans of something we like… isn’t that the definition of “a fan”?) so I won’t say much. It's a good thing.

17. The Hungry & Humble

This one, out of all the types of dancers, probably reminds you of a specific someone or a group of someones.These dancers are always talking about their training – whose classes they're taking, where they're sessioning, their latest projects, and throughout it all, how humble they manage to stay.This article pokes fun, but it's all in good humor! We adore each and every one of you dancers in the community.Does anyone specific come to mind when reading this list? Leave a comment below to let us know! This article was originally published on November 3, 2014.