Baking Cupcakes With Pharside From Academy Of Villains

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Baking Cupcakes With Pharside From Academy Of Villains

Christina Kim
January 23, 2024
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Steezy released a new original short today featuring Christopher "Pharside" Jennings. In contrast to his hard exterior, we got to really get a feel for his softer side, as Pharside showed us what he likes to do on his down time: bake pumpkin spice cupcakes. We begin by catching Pharside reading casually on a couch, socks only. The rug, the Japanese inspired partition, the potted fern - I just really vibe with his humble abode, yknow?

Pharside lets us know that we don't really get to see the gentle side of him, and then, clad in a delightful apron, he takes us into his kitchen, with his ingredients all ready and waiting for him. But wait! Those aren't ingredients! Silly Pharside.

There! Now we've got all the ingredients. And he's welcoming us with open arms, sigh. Academy of Villains? More like Academy of Endless Love and Support.

The first step is to beat the eggs, so obviously a dance battle is necessary.

Clearly, Pharside beat them. Shello, there was no competition, though it was eggciting watching this all go down. No yolk, I think my mind would scramble if I were in that situation.Anyway, so after beating the eggs, the next step is mixing all of the other ingredients. Here is Pharside mixing everything together mildly in the form of a Japanese commercial.

It's time to put them into the oven! Oh wait! Another trophy? Oh Pharside, you're too silly.

After 20 minutes, the cupcakes are... interesting looking. Definitely not going to get any sort of action on Pinterest, that's for sure.

However, with Pharside's secret ingredient - confidence - he knows he can make these cupcakes turn from basic to... less basic.

With tender love and care, Pharside has done it! His pumpkin spice cupcakes are a delight and look beautiful, almost good enough to sell in a grocery story in those clear plastic boxes in packs of 12!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are highlights of Jerould:RIP Jerould's cream filled snack.

Do you know where the nearest vet is? CAUSE THOSE PYTHONS ARE SIIIICK!

This looks painful but also really funny. Frittatahahahaha.

Thanks for watching!

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