Best Dance Advice From Your Favorite Choreographers

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Best Dance Advice From Your Favorite Choreographers

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Why do we need dance advice? Dancing is a mental game, just as much as it is a physical one.

So, as often as we drill choreography and as hard as we train technique, we should listen to the dance advice that our teachers give us.

Here's a compilation of the best dance advice we've gotten from our STEEZY Gang of instructors. Watch and learn!

1. Boogie Frantick's dance advice on developing your own style

2. Antoine Troupe reminds us to be patient with the process

3. Melvin Timtim explains his posture and execution

4. Clay Doh Boon on how to create "moments" in choreography

5. Jeffrey Caluag on the importance of focus

6. Kevin and Dea's tips on riding the fast tempo

7. Sorah Yang on how to make your hits stand out

8. Brian Puspos says to understand, then execute

9. Ellen Kim wants you to go balls to the walls

10. Carlo Darang on finding the right power levels

11. Aggie Loyola uses dance as a language

12. Jawn Ha stresses the importance of building stamina

13. Kid Boogie lays down "MOVES vs. GROOVES"

We hope these bits of dance advice taught you something you didn't know before!

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