Best Dance Studios In LA You Should Train At

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Best Dance Studios In LA You Should Train At

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Looking for the best dance studios in LA? Here's a list of Los Angeles dance studios that you should take dance classes at!Whether you live in the area, or are visiting the city – this list of dance studios in LA is the most helpful guide to getting some quality dance training.

Dance Studios In LA #1:

Edge Performing Arts Center

dance studios in la

Known for its industry and commercial classes, EDGE PAC is open 7 days a week 350 days a year, with a huge variety of classes.From hip hop to jazz to salsa to ballet, EDGE is a great place for students who are aspiring dancers in the industry or dancers who just want to take class with some of the best choreographers out there.

In addition to drop ins, studio space is available for rental. Not to mention, the schedule is STACKED...So instead of reading this on the EDGE of your seat, get off your booty and go take class!

Try out a new style there: 5 Ways A Contemporary Dance Class Can Make You Better

EDGE Performing Arts Center6300 Romaine St, Ste 100Los Angeles CA 90038323-962-7733

Dance Studios In LA #2:

Millennium Dance Complex

dance studios in la

If you've seen any video on Youtube with the red walls and the wood floors, then you've seen Millennium Dance Complex.

From regular class schedules on the daily to star-studded master classes, Millennium offers a huge array of classes and styles in NoHo AND in Orange County!

You can rent studio space at Millennium 24/7. Furthermore, there are living accommodations for dancers who are coming in to train from all over the world.

Millennium Dance Complex 5113 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601818-753-5081

Millennium Dance Complex (Orange County) 5468 E La Palma Ave.Anaheim, CA 92807(714) 777-7711

Dance Studios In LA #3:

Debbie Reynolds Studio

dance studios in la

Established in 1979, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio was created by Ms. Reynolds herself!!!


Offering tons of styles including Bollywood, voguing, and krumping, Debbie Reynold's classes are available 7 days a week.

If you don't take class, then you're probably going to end up dancing normal, and let's face it:

dance studios in la

You tell 'em Debbie.

Debbie Reynolds Studio 6514 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606 818-985-3193

Dance Studios In LA, #4:

Movement Lifestyle

dance studios in la

Movement Lifestyle's welcoming vibe brings together dancers of all kinds, from the community and industry.

Consequently, become the hub for dancers all over the world looking for a home in Los Angeles.

Their studio in North Hollywood is beautiful, bright, and clean. And their classes range from master classes with top dancers as well as a lot of foundational classes in all different styles.Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Read more about Shaun Evaristo's journey to creating Movement Lifestyle in: Origin Stories Of The NorCal And SoCal Dance Communities

Movement Lifestyle  11105 Weddington St.North Hollywood, CA818-359-1260

Dance Studios In LA, #5:

Snowglobe Perspective

dance studios in la

Having opened in the end of April 2015, Snowglobe Perspective started off as a workshop series + a dope Youtube channel with an endless collection of dope dance videos. With their recent opening, they've stacked their classes with dancers all over the community!In addition to the weekly lineup of teachers, they also host late night, pop-up classes by teachers who don't usually teach in the area. You can find out who's teaching through daily flyers on their Instagram!

Get to know their story: What You Need To Know Before Opening A Dance Studio From Snowglobe’s Perspective

Snowglobe Perspective 2650 Pacific Park DriveWhittier, California650-740-4677

Dance Studios In LA, #6:

Boogiezone Utopia

dance studios in la

Boogiezone started in 2002 as a way to foster the community of dancers by offering master classes and workshops worldwide.

The studio, Boogiezone Utopia, was then born, and now offers dance classes of all styles. Their Torrance location has 5 studios within the building. Further, they offer housing accommodations for dancers! Boogiezone Utopia1951 Carson Street Torrance, CA310-320-4386

Dance Studios In LA, #7:

Kinjaz Dojo

dance studios in la

After much anticipation, The Kinjaz opened up their very own studio in Monterey Park in 2016. Kinjaz Dojo is a dance studio in Los Angeles that offers classes Monday through Friday. With only one main dance space and an exclusive lineup of instructors, the classes here are more about quality than quantity. Their class schedule is a comprehensive mix of training elements. These include Urban choreography, break dancing, body control, house, pop-up Master Klasses, and more!

Not sure what that is? Read this: What Is Urban Dance?

Kinjaz Dojo 670 Monterey Pass Rd #200,Monterey Park, CA424-332-9388

Dance Studios In LA, #8:

The Lab Creative Arts Studio

dance studios in la

The Lab Creative Arts Studio in West Covina is the place, not just to dance but also to kick box, work out, tumble, and more. You'll find the classes for this Los Angeles dance studio on their website. And be sure to keep up with their Instagram for special announcements!

Wanna know exactly how amazing you can become? Here's how: Grow Into A Better You At The Lab Creative Arts Studio

The Lab Creative Arts Studio 541 N. Azusa West Covina, CA 91791626-332-0110

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Of course there are plenty more dance studios in Los Angeles, but these are the ones that we frequent and would recommend.