Broadening Horizons: What Went Down At OC Night Market

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Broadening Horizons: What Went Down At OC Night Market

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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Last weekend, the 626 Night Market team flawlessly recreated the Asian night market experience once again, creating an air of positive energy and culinary curiosity. Scattered left and right at the OC Fair Grounds were food vendors like Miister Potato, Umaya Ramen, Tea Bar, the oh-so popular Ramen Burger and many more, that offered a solid selection of yummy eats.

What impressed me most about this past weekend however, (other than being able to exercise great restraint from indulging in every delectable treat I saw in sight) was the interweaving of the foodie community and the dance community. Horizon was a tremendous hit; foodies and dancers alike cheered on as 10 teams competed for the $1,000 grand prize, judges Aimee Lee Lucas, Ellen Kim and Sorah Yang graciously participated throughout the show, and MC's Sean Miura and Aileen Xu generated excitement and buzz during the competition with undying enthusiasm.

Of course, as community sponsor, the Steezy team also bustled about behind the scenes, zealously capturing photos of Horizon. We also held our first prize give-away - two randomly selected twitterers from the event and one winner of a battle got to go home with our first ever Steezy shirts!Other than strong feelings of food coma, I was overwhelmed by the sense of community over the weekend. It held great significance that a dance competition between teams we've all seen in a space we're very familiar with (at WOD, Ultimate Brawl, Bridge), was well-received when brought into the Night Market space.

Given the success of Horizon at the OC Night Market, I'm excited to see how the tradition will continue and progress throughout the years.

Good job to all the teams that competed, and congratulations to NSU Modern for winning first place at Horizon on Saturday! Check them out and all the performances in the playlist below.

Lastly and most importantly, we at Steezy would like to thank the 626 Night Market team for bringing us on as a community partner for the OC Night Market!What was your favorite memory from the OC Night Market or Horizon? Comment below to let us know!