10 Easy Dance Routines To Learn At Home

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10 Easy Dance Routines To Learn At Home

Jason Pu
January 23, 2024
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One of the best ways to learn how to dance is to start with some easy dance choreography!

Plus, by learning a routine at home, you have the opportunity to practice as much as you need, learn at your own pace, and enjoy unlimited mirror space.

So, I’ve handpicked 10 dance routines that are great to try, right in your living room.

Check ‘em out below!

But first...

What is easy dance choreography?

What makes a dance routine "easy" can vary for different people, different styles of dance, and many other factors.

But I find that the easiest routines always have a few things in common:

First, the music should be simple and easy to follow.

No crazy rhythms, super fast sections, or sudden switches in vibe.

Think of the songs that you've heard where you can sort of guess what's coming next, even if you've never heard that song before – those will be easiest to dance to!

Second, easy dance choreography should be built around grooves rather than hard skills.

Grooves are the movements the body naturally wants to do when it hears music, like head bobbing and hip swaying.

In contrast, harder dance routines are often more technical, and might involve a lot of movements that seem unnatural to you!

What dance styles have the easiest choreography for beginners?

Again, every dance style has a wide variety of routines meant for different skill levels.

However, since choreography based on grooves tends to be the easiest, you might want to start with these styles:

Open Style choreography – dance routines set to popular songs that draw from a wide variety of movement styles.

K-Pop choreography – routines set to K-Pop songs that are made to be catchy and achievable by anyone and everyone!

Jazz Funk choreography – Fun, feminine-leaning routines set to pop music (think music video routines or stage performances from your favorite popstars).

Other dance styles (like Ballet or Popping for example) require more technical training to execute even beginner level choreography.

How can you make your own easy dance routines?

If you want to make some easy choreography for yourself, begin by watching some simple routines from established choreographers, so you can pick up on what you might like.

Then, choose a song that makes you wanna move, and try freestyling to that song.

This will help you work out what grooves come naturally to you.

From there, lock in your favorite moves, and start practicing in front of a mirror!

This article will also help you take your routine to the next level: 15 Ideas To Help You Make Amazing Dance Choreography

10 easy dance routines to learn at home

1. New Love - Victoria Monet / Open Style / Bianca Vallar

Remember when you were a kid with all the time in the world? You’d watch music videos on MTV and try to copy the moves with your friends, right?

Well, this piece will give you the perfect nostalgia trip!

It has a 90’s style song with moves to match, courtesy of instructor Bianca Vallar. 

The mood is relaxed yet upbeat, and the choreo is full of smooth grooves and gliding steps. It’s perfect for learning in a group because those grooves only get more satisfying as more people join in.


2. Pon De Replay - Rihanna / Open Style / Kara Cannella & Jaeden Gomez

Speaking of throwbacks, this next class is for Rihanna’s catchy debut single “Pon De Replay”. 

Just like the song, the routine is high-energy and loads of fun. 

Plus, instructors Kara & Jaeden are IRL besties, so the good vibe of dancing with your friends shows in their teaching. 

With their guidance, you and your dance buddies will be tapping into your inner popstar in no time.


3. Butter - BTS / Open Styles / Brian Puspos

K-Pop group BTS is a prime example of “teamwork makes the dream work”. 

Appropriately, Brian Puspos has a routine for BTS’ summer hit “Butter” that you can try with your friends. 

The cheerful swagger of this piece is simply infectious. 

And the best part?

STEEZY has Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced versions for this routine. This way, you and the squad can take on each level as you improve together.


4. Rain on Me - Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande / Jazz Funk / Beau Fournier

This next class is a celebration just waiting for you to participate in. 

Instructor Beau Fournier gives this Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande collab a simple yet powerful choreography that will help your whole squad let loose!

This is a great choice for you and a friend to get into learning Jazz Funk, or if you’re looking for a routine that’s a bit more theatrical.


5. Livin’ It Up - Ja Rule ft. Case / Lite Feet / Rob ShortSircuit Wilson

Like many street dances, Lite Feet came straight from the community (think cyphers on the street and subway car performances), so it’s only fitting to include a Lite Feet class in this list of dance routines to learn with your friends. 

In this one, Rob ShortSircuit Wilson teaches iconic moves like the Tone Wop and Bad One to Ja Rule’s hit single “Livin’ it Up”.

But don’t worry, if you’re new to Lite Feet, your instructors for this class break down each step in detail. 


6. Casio - Jungle / Whacking / Kristin Santiago

Since it’s a 1970’s club dance that has seen a recent resurgence, Whacking is another style that’s better danced with friends. 

And although Whacking is often physically intensive and fast paced, Kristin Santiago’s class to “Jungle” is low-key and slow burning.

It’s a great introduction to Whacking as it gives you the opportunity to fully experience each step, rotation, and pose.


7. Escucha Mi Salsa - Son Habana / Salsa / Aubrey Ares

Taking a detour from street dance, this Salsa routine by Aubrey Ares is ready to spice up your next dance session. 

You’ll learn lively steps and hip movements, all with that salsa flavor that’s sure to get you and your group grooving.


If you’re new to Salsa and would like a few intro classes to help you get into the vibe, STEEZY also offers a beginner program by Gracie and Tony Flores that covers the basics in just 7 days.

Click here to start the program for free!

8. 30 Min All Pop, No Stop! / Dance Workout / Luis Cervantes

While this one isn’t technically a dance routine, it’s great for all of you out there that like to get your cardio on with your friends. 

Instructor Luis Cervantes leads this 30-minute dance workout that you can jump right into without having any prior dance experience.

Whether your friends are more into the workout or the dance steps, this class is a fun way to get fit together.


9. Motley Crew - Post Malone / Open Style / Ben Chung

Nobody exemplifies “squad” better than the Kinjaz, and Ben Chung reps the group with a slick routine in their distinct style. 

Precise movements and clean hits are the name of the game here, so be sure to try the looping and speed features on STEEZY to help you out. 

It takes time and effort to learn a routine like this and perform it in sync with others, but it’s extremely satisfying when you get it right.


This class is also part of the “3 Dancers Choreograph to the Same Song” series. In this edition, all 3 dancers (Ben, Charles, Villn) are homies from the Kinjaz, and they’re a great example of how friends can gas each other up while also approaching dance in their own way.

10. Thot Sh*t - Megan Thee Stallion / Open Style / David Lee

The final routine on our list may be one of the most challenging, but it’s also fulfilling and a load of fun. 

As always, instructor David Lee breaks down all of his moves and grooves here so that you and your friends can learn them all. 

The piece is full of attitude and interesting rhythms, and there’s plenty of room to put your own personality into the dance.



We hope you enjoy learning this easy dance choreography!

If you wanna check out even more, you can find hundreds of classes in all kinds of styles on STEEZY!