How Much You Need To Practice To Become An Amazing Dancer

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How Much You Need To Practice To Become An Amazing Dancer

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Ok, here's the big secret:

It takes six months of consistent and focused practice, 5 times a week, to become an amazing dancer.

But how exactly do you get there?

Watch this video to find out!


listen up y'all, this is the STEEZY formula:
it takes six months of consistent and

focused practice, five times a week in
order to become an amazing dancer

watch this whole video to see how we got these numbers and what you actually need to practice

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you might have heard things like the 10,000 hour rule. but the truth about

learning a new skill is that there's no one-size-fits-all magic number

how quickly you become an amazing
dancer will be relative based on different factors

the first major one is what is amazing to you?

do you want to become a professional choreographer? win freestyle battles?

do you want to just wow all the ladies
at the club? after you know where you

want to be, ask yourself the second
question, where are you starting from?

in order to quantify your answers to both
of these questions, we broke down

dance amazingness into five major skill levels. this way you'll know exactly how

many levels you need to go through in
order to become your version of amazing

level one: complete beginner. this means
you have no experience in dance

level two: basic competency. this is where
you start learning basic techniques, steps, and moves

if you're trying to learn a new language level two is when

you memorize the alphabet, what sound
each letter makes, and how you put words together

level three: comfortable intermediate. you got the basics down and

now you're learning to have a
conversation. you feel good enough with

your movements that you can dance on
your own and follow choreography

level four: confident advanced. you're killing it! not only can you speak fluently on the spot

and understand paragraphs in
this new language, you're also learning

about tone and nuance. you're making your own style

level five is complete mastery

ok now you're ready to teach a STEEZY Studio class. you're like the Boogie Frantick of Popping

the Jojo Diggs of House, or the
Lyle Beniga of choreography

back to our formula! it would take six months of consistent, focus practice, five times a week

in order to jump one level. so no, you won't become one of the Kinjaz in six months

but you can go from just discovering dance and having no idea what to do

to being pretty comfortable in six months

now what about the actual training that you need to do? we said five times a week

because you should be dancing more than you're not. the more frequently and

consistently you practice the quicker
you'll improve. you'll become a better

dancer much faster if you were to
practice for 30 minutes everyday versus

if you were to do a four hour training session once a month. this is because the more often

you do something, the more chances your
brain and body have to memorize it

but be careful to memorize the right things. you want to make good habits because

practice doesn't make perfect, practice
makes permanent. if you go to the gym

every single day but do every single
exercise wrong, you won't get the results you want

same with dance. you don't want to spend years reinforcing bad habits

and end up staying at the same level

so let's practice smart, with focused,
well-crafted training. learning dance is

so much fun but all the guesswork about
what to do, and if you're doing it right

not fun. that's why we made classes and
programs on STEEZY Studio structured

for any dancer, at any stage. so if you don't want to waste any more time or energy

sign up now and commit to some quality training so that you can actually level up

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get where you are? everyone's different
so we're curious! let's discuss

we'll see you next Sunday

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