How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

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How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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BACK IN THE DAY... I used to learn dance routines off YouTube.

It was like a game – I'd pause the video every 2 seconds, mirror the moves in my head, and try to match it.

But it was a hard game! I was guessing how to do the moves and skipping combos that were too fast to catch.

I'd end up with a half-learned piece that I could barely execute. Well, here's some great news – none of us need to do that anymore.

With STEEZY Studio you can take class, read about dance history, connect with other dancers, track your progress, talk to choreographers, and more!

Keep reading to see how STEEZY Studio is not like any of your ordinary YouTube dance tutorials.

1. STEEZY Studio has a class player that was BUILT FOR learning dance

YouTube dance videos are meant to be watched. Even the dance tutorials are not shot nor produced in a way that lets you learn how to dance.

STEEZY Studio’s class player was designed by dancers, for dancers.

We put a lot of thought into breaking down the class/learning process, then translated it to an online format.

Here are some of the features that make STEEZY Studio classes totally different than YouTube tutorials.

Organized sections

When you start a STEEZY Studio class, you’ll notice that the class is split into sections. And those sections are split into sub-sections according to the class content.

how to use steezy studio

These are organized like this so that you can jump to, repeat, or skip any section. So let's say, you wanted to skip forward to Section 3 of Sorah Yang's class.

You can do that:

youtube dance tutorials

Basically, STEEZY Studio lets you design your own learning experience according to what works best for you.

Take control over the class

Since each section is pre-cut, you can drill it in slow, medium, or tempo speed as many times as you want.

I like to mark a piece in tempo multiple times, so I find myself clicking on that button a lot.

On YouTube, you have to constantly remember which part of the video you need to go back to. STEEZY Studio does that all for you.

You can also slow down the pace of the entire video using these buttons:

youtube dance tutorials

Multiple views

If you need to see something from the front or the back, then click that blue button to switch the view of the class! Hit the space bar on your keyboard for a shortcut. ;)

And of course, we’re constantly updating our features to fit our dancers' needs!

2. You can take a LOT of STEEZY Studio classes

You can take over 150 different class in various styles and levels, taught by our faculty of 50+ world-renowned choreographers.

And since there are so any options, we made it possible to filter classes according to level, style, instructor, program, and more.

Check out that handy left-hand menu:

youtube dance tutorials

On YouTube, the most you'll get is a playlist.

STEEZY Studio's dashboard was built to be your personal dance guide, taking into account all the different ways we structure our training.

3. STEEZY Studio has programs to help you become the dancer you want to be

Even if you do find a playlist on YouTube, the thread of videos isn't really going to take you through a comprehensive learning experience – just a set of classes.

The programs on STEEZY Studio were all specifically designed, in collaboration with our teachers, to guide you through a complete course of instruction, practice, and drills.

For example, Jojo Diggs' Beginner House Program takes you through the base moves of House, as well as the history, culture, and lifestyle of House dance.

And there's an entire class at the end of the program dedicated to helping you freestyle using House steps.

The Beginner Urban Dance Program was designed for complete beginners with zero dance experience.

Carlo Darang teaches you about basic dance musicality, rhythm, and starts with some Hip Hop / Urban Dance grooves.

We also have a Beginner Popping Program (taught by Boogie Frantick, Kid Boogie, and Slim Boogie) that takes you through all the basic moves and techniques you need to become a Popper.

These programs are designed, from beginning to end, as a full curriculum.

You never have to think twice about "Is this the right place to start? Where do I go from here?" because the experts are literally telling you exactly what you should learn, in what order, then teaching you all of that.

Just start the program, and follow along.

We also have classes organized into playlists according to style/genre. So if you feel like dancing sexy, or getting hype like GRV – then just go through these classes:

youtube dance tutorials

Of course, you're not required to go through every single class in a program or playlist.

But if you need a bit of help deciding what to do, here you go!

4. STEEZY Studio lets you track your progress easily

Instead of reloading a YouTube video and searching for the last move you learned, this little blue bar tracks exactly where you stopped each class.

youtube dance tutorials

And when you're done with a class, you get this cute little trophy! YouTube doesn't give you trophies for finishing a dance tutorial...

5. And stalk your favorite choreographers

Instead of stalking their Twitter feed and trying to find a bio (that probably doesn’t exist) online...

Get to know your favorite dancers a bit better by reading the bios on their STEEZY Studio pages.

We personally interviewed each of our instructors so that you can get a better sense of their background, influences, and personality.

youtube dance tutorials

6. STEEZY Studio invites you to join a supportive, loving dance community

YouTube can be a lonely place.You learn stuff, post stuff, comment stuff, but all that stuff gets lost in the ether without a community to recognize it.

When you join STEEZY Studio, you join a Facebook group of dancers around the world that you can talk to, share videos with, and maybe even meet in person!

youtube dance tutorials
youtube dance tutorials
youtube dance tutorials
youtube dance tutorials

The STEEZY team also posts dance challenges, class updates, and exclusive STEEZY news on this page as well ;)

7. And you can always talk to the STEEZY Squad

YouTube’s purpose is to distribute content, not teach it. So the only support you’re gonna get will be technical.

You get technical support on STEEZY Studio, of course, but you also get to chat with our team about anything and everything, through our messaging system.

I personally update you each week on what's going on, but you're free to message us anytime with questions, problems, or suggestions!

youtube dance tutorials

STEEZY Studio's experience is nothing like YouTube dance tutorials for these 7 and many, many more reasons.

Check them out yourself – Try out STEEZY Studio for free today!

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