How to Choose the Right Dance Studio for Your Family

How to Choose the Right Dance Studio for Your Family

Wes Yen
January 23, 2024
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Finding the right dance studio can have a profound impact on a young dancer's journey. If you do it well, your dancer will feel secure, empowered, and excited to continue dancing. 

But you don’t need to stress over finding the perfect one. Whether you're selecting your first studio or switching up your current situation, we’re here to help you meet your family's specific needs. 

Let's get into the most important considerations when seeking out a dance studio for your loved ones.

1. Understand what type of program your dancer is looking for.

The ideal dance studio helps its students fall in love with dance by offering a safe space to express themselves and foster community. But every student is unique, and so is every class type offered. 

So, ask yourself: What is your intent behind enrolling your relative in a dance program? 

Does your little dancer want to participate in competitions? Is it about sharpening their skills and mental acuity through focused practice? Or, maybe they just want to have fun and meet other students. 

Every dance studio and instructor has their own culture and goals — and even within that, they will have different classes that appeal to different needs. There will be overlap between these, but here are the main focuses to be aware of:

Recreational Programs

If your dancer is in it for the fun, a recreational dance program is the way to go. Within these classes, the instructors will focus less on technique and more on the positive feelings that come from expressing oneself through dance. 

The energy may feel a bit looser and less strict, helping your family embrace the joy of dance while fostering community in a free-form setting. This kind of environment is ideal for creativity and self-discovery.

Competitive Programs

Is your dancer ready to showcase their talents in exchange for a trophy? If so, a dance studio with competitive seasons might be the best choice. 

Competitive studios place dancers in teams to compete against other groups throughout the year. These are typically more structured and technical than recreational dance studios, since their main goal is to win competitions. 

This is a great opportunity for your student to build bonds with other dancers, hone their technique, and have the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work. Training with a goal in mind can sharpen critical thinking skills and develop a growth mindset in your loved ones. Make no mistake, though ― it can get intense. 

If competing is for them, however, this can work wonders for their self-confidence by having them push past their comfort zones and learn what they are capable of.

Commercial Classes

If your dancer wants to see themselves on the big screen or go on tour with their favorite celebrity, look into a dance studio that offers commercial classes. 

This type of program trains well-rounded dancers to join the entertainment industry. They often focus on genres like hip hop, jazz, and ballroom, all of which are common within the entertainment space.

Technique-Focused Classes

If your student wants to develop an extensive skill set over time, joining a technique-focused class program can help them do just that. These classes tend to be highly structured, focusing on precise movement through intentional effort.

Through this process, your loved ones can learn discipline through hard work. Training in this setting can also open them up to opportunities for a future education and career in dance. 

2. Find a studio you trust.

Once you’ve narrowed down what type of studio you’re looking for, you’ll need to find one run by people you can trust ― you're entrusting them with your loved ones, after all. A positive teacher-student dynamic can mean everything for a young dancer’s journey.

So before committing to a studio, ask about the studio's culture and the instructor's approach with their students. How do they react if the student is learning slowly, or making a couple mistakes? Do they motivate them positively, or punitively? Does your family feel safe? 

Make sure to request a trial class with the teacher to see if it’s the right fit!

3. Look for a studio with a strong history and parent network.

You can learn a lot about a studio by assessing its history and parent network. Seeking testimonials (either positive or negative) will speak volumes about their culture and ways of operating. You want a dance studio with a history of positive success stories. 

A strong parent network ideally demonstrates a supportive community and allows you to be involved to the extent that you wish. Maybe you'll even make some great friends, as well!

4. Address concerns about budget, schedule, attire, etc.

Dance, like any other structured activity, can be quite demanding.

Make sure you ask the studio about the financial investment, time commitment, necessary attire, and other convenience factors before you commit to them. 

Some questions you can ask include:

  • How much will my family be expected to spend per year with your studio?
  • Are we responsible for providing or paying for costumes?
  • What is the weekly time commitment, including at-home practice and competitions?
  • Are there policies around missing classes in case something comes up?

What about non-studio dance options?

We understand how important this decision is to your family. Hopefully, we’ve painted a clear picture of how to assess a dance studio ― but let's say you want to explore other options rather than commit to one. STEEZY has got you covered. 

We offer 1500+ online dance courses from the best teachers in the world for all levels, making it easier than ever to find the perfect dance experience on your own time, in your own home. We may even have some amazing family-friendly content coming very soon... 👀 

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