How To Create Your Signature Dance Move


How To Create Your Signature Dance Move

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Picture someone doing The Moonwalk.

Unless you are an astronaut, it is difficult not to imagine the iconic Michael Jackson gliding across the stage in all his King of Pop glory.

But wait, how did our minds instantly go to MJ?

How is the moonwalk still his signature move – even decades after its introduction into mainstream media?

(**The Moonwalk / Backslide was performed many times before by many others – yet we still associate it with MJ!)

If you want to create a unique, signature move that people associate with you – keep reading!

The Advantage of Creating YOUR Signature Move

Why is it valuable to find your signature move?

The process of exploring, creating, and practicing a move that feels true to you is AWESOME training.

It also produces movement that belongs to you, and only to you.

This move can become your o-to in a cipher or improvisational section of an audition.

It’s guaranteed to feel comfortable on the body, look dope, and be recognized by your audience as yours.

So let’s get you moving!

How to Develop YOUR Signature Move

Put on your favorite beats, get in front of the mirror, freestyle.

Explore new angles, pictures, and pathways that aren’t just the “default” straight lines and poses.

Let yourself just flow!

By entering this “playful” mindset where you can get creative, you will eventually find one move or a combo of moves that just feels right.

Boom. There it is.

However, Don’t be a Biter

Copying of someone else’s material is not cool – in any artistic community. You do not want to be a biter.

There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other dancer, but make sure you’re incorporating your own style to create something that’s not a carbon copy.

Do your homework.

Many styles of dance require a mastering of fundamentals to build a groundwork, and then you can sprinkle in your individual style over time.

This may take time and research on your part, but it will pay off in your quest to find your move.

Utilizing YOUR Signature Move Effectively

Not every dancer will get the chance to debut their signature move in a national broadcast like MJ did.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your own judgement and resources to put it out there.

Use it in your choreography, in a beat drop during a battle, in a video.

When you dance, emphasize that move so it resonates with your audiences, no matter where they are.

And remember that finding and doing your signature move is not a standalone event. You can always continue to create more movement that reflects your style as you develop in dance.

Stoked to see you all express as YOU!

Have fun, STEEZY Nation!

Got any thoughts on making your signature move? Comment below and share with us!

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