How To Dance When You're Busy With Work

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How To Dance When You're Busy With Work

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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It might feel impossible to dance when you're busy with work, especially if you're on a full-time schedule. 40 hours a week is a lot of time!

And maybe your commute sucks. Or your job is super mentally / physically demanding and you're just constantly exhausted. But you CAN make it happen.

Here are 5 ways to keep dancing, even when you're busy with work!

1. Remind yourself that you DO have time to dance

dance when you're busy

"I don’t have time for it” really just means “it’s not a priority.”

No matter how busy you are, everyone has a spare 30 minutes - an hour a day.

And if you seriously, honestly, literally do not, you can make that time by sacrificing something else.

For example, if you work 9-5 and go to bed around 10, that means you have 5 free hours. Ok yeah, you gotta eat dinner, walk the dogs, and get your oil changed.

But that still leaves you with some time for yourself. And what are you doing with it? Binge-watching Game Of Thrones? Mindlessly scrolling through Instagram?

See, you do have time. Use it to dance, instead!

Watch this video on How To Balance School And Dance to get more tips on time management!

2. Let go of past standards

dance when you're busy

There’s no getting around it: when you're busy with work, you probably won't dance in the same capacity as you did before.

Maybe you quit your team, and you won't be loitering in a parking lot with your teammates until 3 am on a weeknight.

Maybe you can only visit a freestyle session that you used to spend hours at. It's a hard transition for any. But that's reality.

Your lifestyle will constantly change, not just with dance, but with every new chapter of your life.

So when the FOMO hits, know that it'll pass as you get more engaged in whatever's in your present chapter. You don't have to dance how you used to.

You're dancing how you can now, and that's fine!

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3. Make dance a passion project

dance when you're busy

As you grow older, you start to realize how scarce and valuable your time is.

While you may have no problem doing things for the sake of enjoying it, some don't want to invest their time in something that doesn't have a clear reward.

If you're someone that needs an end goal, start a project for yourself.

This can be anything: creating a piece of choreography, training and battling, making a dance video...

Setting a goal will put you in power of what 'dance' means to you. It will also motivate you to dance when you're busy, tired, or discouraged.

Make any dream a reality using this guide on How To Set And Achieve Your Dance Goals!

4. Find or create your own community

dance when you're busy

Even if you're not as actively involved in the dance community, you can find or create one more appropriate to your lifestyle.

For example, after you retire from a team, you can form a new community with the group of alumni who get together to support the team during hell weeks and competitions.

Or you can bond with the regulars at your studio's Tuesday night classes. Or you can join online communities.

Whatever your new dance fam looks like, they'll make dancing (even when you're busy with work,) a lot more fulfilling and fun!

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5. Try the daily classes on STEEZY Studio's mobile app

dance when you're busy

STEEZY Studio lets you dance when you're busy and on the go. Our new Daily Classes are all just 10 minutes long.

You can learn a short piece of choreography, practice specific skills / techniques, and more!

And the STEEZY Studio mobile app lets you take class whenever, wherever you are.

You can even download the classes to take in offline mode for when you don't have internet. It's available for both iPhones and Androids.

This means that you can drill the Pas De Bourree or learn 4 8-counts while waiting in line for your Starbucks!

We hope these tips help make it easier for you to dance when you're busy with work! Leave a comment with some things you do to keep dancing with your busy schedule.