How To Do An Arched Back Body Roll

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How To Do An Arched Back Body Roll

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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A Body Roll is one of those undeniably sexy dance moves that everyone should learn, and this arched back version really turns up the heat!

It’s popular on TikTok because it allows you to highlight your booty despite the fact that it’s not too difficult to learn.

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!

How to do an Arched Back Body Roll:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and then turn so that the side of your body is facing the mirror.
  2. Now, start doing your body roll by slowly doing the following motions – chin up, lift chest, sternum out, stomach in, hinge at the hips, sit booty back.
  3. Once you’ve practiced the roll motion slowly, start speeding it up and connecting the movements until you’re able to smoooothlyyy roll.
  4. Now, let’s add in the arch! To start, widen your stance and bend your knees. Place your hands on your knees and arch your back.
  5. From this position, follow the same body roll instructions, allowing the roll to come from the process of bringing your back from flat to arched and back to flat again
  6. Lastly, as you execute your body roll, allow your feet to step on each roll. So roll once and step your left foot. Then roll again and step with your right foot.

All done!

Tip: Once you start stepping, you’ll notice the urge to sort of open your knees outward with each step. This is totally natural and will make the move look even smoother, so lean into it!

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