How To Do The 3 Step Challenge

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How To Do The 3 Step Challenge

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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This dance popped off on TikTok in 2021.

It’s normally done facing away from your camera, as if you’re walking away with a fun little bounce in your step (and booty).

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!

How to do the 3 Step Challenge:

  1. Start with your feet a few inches apart
  2. Bring your right heel up so that your toes are pointed at the floor beside your left ankle
  3. As you pop your heel up, allow your weight to sink into your left hip
  4. Switch sides! Pop your left heel up and point it at your right ankle. Allow your weight to sink into your right hip.
  5. Send your left foot behind you, putting all your weight on your left leg
  6. As you shift your weight onto your left leg, bend your right knee and bring your right heel up (your right knee should be pointed at a 45 degree angle)
  7. After you’ve done the 3-step progression on one side (right heel up, left heel up, left foot back), switch sides! You’ll go: left heel up, right heel up, right foot back.

That's it!

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