How To Do The Dance Move From "Gangnam Style" by Psy

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How To Do The Dance Move From "Gangnam Style" by Psy

Nilcia Lieuw-Renfurm
January 23, 2024
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Long before groups like BTS and BLACKPINK became household names in the US, Psy was making history with his smash hit and music video for "Gangnam Style"!

The signature "Gangnam Style" dance move, choreographed by Lee Ju-sun, has a super cheerful element to it with its bouncy steps.

If you want to have fun while working on your stamina, this is the move to do. 

Watch the move demonstrated here:


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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!

How to do the dance move from "Gangnam Style"

  1. Practice your hand movement first by crossing your right wrist on top of your left wrist. Since this move is meant to mimic a person riding a horse, you want your hands to be in loose, relaxed fists – as if you're holding reins. Now, bounce your arms up and down as if the horse is galloping, causing your upper body to bounce.
  2. Next, lift your right knee up and step down with your right foot. Then, just as your right foot hits the ground, bounce off your right foot while simultaneously bringing your left foot up. Then, step down with your left foot, bounce off the left foot, and bring the right leg up again. This is the full footwork pattern. Think of it as right step, left step, right up, right down, left step, right step, left up, left down.
  3. Now try it all together with your hands. Let your stepping foot have a little more power to accentuate the move.
  4. Once you're able to combine the arms and legs together, it's time for finishing touches! Keep your shoulders down and your center low to relax your upper body. Whatever step you take, be sure to angle your body a little in that direction for some added flavor.
  5. Practice up to 8 counts and repeat a few times.

All done!

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