How To Do The Dance Move From "Love Shot" By EXO

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How To Do The Dance Move From "Love Shot" By EXO

Nilcia Lieuw-Renfurm
January 23, 2024
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The “Love Shot” dance move, choreographed by Mihawk Back, is all about starting off sharp and ending with a wavy body motion.

It's a move that's universally loved by K-Pop fans since it has such a powerful vibe!


Watch the move demonstrated here:


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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!

How to do the dance move from "Love Shot" by EXO

  1. Start off by standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart. Arms hanging loose.
  2. On count 1, slightly bend your knees to form a diamond shape with your legs and bring your right hand up to your forehead. Your right hand should be in a "gun" shape, with your thumb sticking out and your point and middle finger stuck together. Your gun should be upside down pointing to the left side. As you bring the right hand up on count 1, bring your left hand behind the left side of your bum.
  3. On count 2, move your right hand down slowly, all the way to your belly/lower rib cage area. You want to move your hand down over the course of 6 counts.
  4. Once you've practiced the right hand motion, you can add in the legs! This time, as you're bringing your right hand down on count 2, tilt out your left heel and bring it back in on count 3. Then, tilt out your right heel on 4 and bring it back in on 5. End by bringing out that left heel one more time on 6 and back in on 7. 
  5. Now, add all of the movements together for an 8 count. Make sure that your upper body is leaning slightly back and tilt your hips forward just a tad. To add some smoothness as you bring your right hand down, begin rolling your chest on count 2. Try to do one chest roll for every 2 counts as you bring your right hand down.
  6. Practice the entire move, chest rolls and all!

All done!

A few last details to help you nail the move:

Relax your face and keep your muscles throughout your core relaxed too – this will help you look smooth and confident after that sharp arm raise on count 1.

Before you start, keep your knees really straight! Then, when you bend your knees to the diamond shape, squeeze your thigh muscles to stop your bending motion sharply. The sharpness of that movement will give more contrast to the overall move and make it more interesting to watch!

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