How To Do The Hit Dem Folks

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How To Do The Hit Dem Folks

Nilcia Lieuw-Renfurm
January 23, 2024
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Calling all new dancers! 

Time to Hit Dem Folks.

And, no. I’m not talking about hitting an actual person.

The move “Hit Dem Folks” was originally coined and popularized by Georgia rapper Bankroll Fresh in 2015. 

It was originally considered the dance move for non-dancers - you know, the people who would be out and about at clubs or parties, but didn’t do a lot of dancing... unless something with a fire bass beat came on.

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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!


  1. First, let's practice the basic mechanics of the movement that'll go with that fire bass beat – “the rock." It’s a quick groove, almost like you are doing a little crunch from your waist and rocking your torso forward to the beat.
  2. Now, at the same time, you are gonna lift your leg/knee up on each rock forward. You can do left or right leg – whatever you are comfortable with!
  3. Now let’s add the arms. Usually you have one arm up (right) and one arm to the side (left) as if you’re flexing your muscles. Practice doing this crunch in motion with the muscle arms and lifted leg all in one beat, hitting on  the “1” count. Countdown 5,6,7,8 and hit!
  4. Now that you know when to hit, let’s add in some movements to do on the rest of the remaining counts. Take your right hand and cross it in front of you while simultaneously doing a slight step forward with the left foot (counts 1 + 2). Do the opposite cross and step on counts 3 + 4, crossing your left arm and step with your right foot. On counts 5+6, do the arm cross on each side, using one beat for each arm (first right, then left). On the 7 + 8 , do a circling motion with your arms in front of you and… BOOM! Hit on 1!

All done!

The most important tip for the “Hit Dem Folks” is to keep that bounce, that crunch, that groove every time. Then hit hard on the bass note!