How To Do The Roger Rabbit

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How To Do The Roger Rabbit

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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This dance is named after the 90s movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Your arms and legs are meant to look floppy and silly like an animated cartoon character!

It’s the perfect move to use with a fun 80s or 90s Hip Hop track.

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to do the Roger Rabbit

  1. Let's start off with the base of the Roger Rabbit – a rock! Lean back and then forward, slowly.
  2. Next, bend through your waist and bend your knees to give it more of a bounce. After doing this in half tempo, speed up to double time.
  3. Going into the actual move, you're gonna start with the preparation – a small movement that sets you up for the main move. Your prep is on the “and” count before count 1. On the "and," take your right foot and kick it back. At the same time, open up your arms and rock your chest back. On the 1, replace your right foot on the floor with your left foot and kick your left foot forward. As you kick your left foot forward, your chest rocks forward and your arms close in. Practice going from right foot back, chest open, to left foot forward, chest closed, several times.
  4. Got that down? Let's keep going. After you move on count 1, switch to the other side for your next prep. On “and” circle your left foot to the back and bend your knee as you simultaneously open your arms again. Then, you're gonna replace your right foot with your left foot on 2 and close your arms again.
  5. Once you feel like you've got the mechanics down on both sides, try putting it all together. You should be opening and closing your arms while skipping and kicking your feet on both sides without any interruption.

All done!

Keep in mind that as you start to do this move more quickly, you'll need to stay on the balls your feet as you switch legs and "hop" to keep the move smooth. That's what makes it so rabbit-like.

You can also try out a variation where you'll do a"single single double double" leg movement on each side – use the video above as a reference!

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