How To Walk It Out

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How To Walk It Out

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Remember that song by rapper DJ Unk from the early 2000’s, called "Walk It Out"?

That move they did in the video became a fun party dance, that's still used to this day!

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to Walk It Out:

  1. Start off with a bounce by bending your knees on each beat. Once you feel confident at that speed, start going double time, bouncing twice for every beat. This double bounce is essential to really get the feel of the Walk It Out motion.
  2. Now let’s focus a little more on the legs and hips. Start by pointing your right toes and knee to the right. As you turn your toes and knee out, you're also going to twist your hips to the right. Allow your left toes and knee to follow, pointing to the right. This means that your whole lower body will be slightly turned to the right.
  3. Afterwards, twist to the left side. Toes, knees, and hips all twist left.
  4. Try that lower body mechanic a few times by repeating to step to the right and twisting right, then stepping to the left and twisting left. 
  5. Got that down? Let’s add the arms. As you step to your right, your right arm is gonna shoot out to the side while your left arm stays close to the chest. When switching to the left, your left arm will shoot out to the left while your right arms circles back to chill close to the chest. Practice shooting the arms out and circling them back on both sides as "walk" with your feet.
  6. Work your way to full tempo, combining the arm and leg motions.

All done!

Next time you go social dancing you'll be ready to Walk It Out with confidence. This move takes up a lot of stamina though, so be sure to mix it up with other Hip Hop favorites!

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