How To Do The Scoop Arm Into Hip Dance Move

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How To Do The Scoop Arm Into Hip Dance Move

Nilcia Lieuw-Renfurm
January 23, 2024
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Ah, yes! That one TikTok move that’s popped up in every other dance challenge!

I mean, who doesn’t want to try this smooth combo move with hip action, right?

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If you’re more of a reader, keep scrolling and follow along with the steps below!


  1. Start by making a scoop motion across your chest with your right arm and bending your right knee. (As you do that, lean over to the right!)
  2. Next, bring that right arm out to the side, then over your head, and finally stretch it out in front of you. As you stretch your arm out in front, drop into a “Plié” – legs bent, knees turned out.  
  3. Once in plié with your fist front and center, you are gonna rock your hips from right to left. Make sure you do each side twice: right, left, right, left.
  4. To accentuate that hip sway, lean into your right hip when your hips go to the right and straighten the left leg. When the hips go left, you lean left and straighten your right leg.
  5. Now, connect all the movements, repeating to yourself,  “scoop, around, set it down, right, left, right, left.

This is the perfect 8 count combo to share on your socials, so keep practicing to get it down like clockwork!