How To Learn Dance Basics (The Right Way!)

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How To Learn Dance Basics (The Right Way!)

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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If you want to become a good dancer, it's important to start your training with the very very basics.

But how do you actually go about learning the basics in a way that's structured, so that you retain each thing you learn?

Well, that's what we've worked out for you in this definitive guide!

Here are the basic steps of practice:

Step 1: Learn – the right thing.

Step 2: Use Interleaved practice

Step 3: Quiz Yourself

Step 4: Pace Your Training

Ready to learn how to apply each step?

Watch this video:


I'ma break it down let me give you your foundations

right on,

If your dance foundations are wack, you'll be less versatile

less creative when you freestyle

pick up choreo slower

look less clean, more awkward,  and never develop your own unique style

Now is that what you want?

Is that what you want????

the same way that sturdy houses are built on strong bases, great dancers have to have a strong foundation

But how do you build your foundations?

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All right, now what are dance basics and foundations?

Great question Jessie!

It's the movement that your dancing is built on.

For example: House, Ballet, Hip Hop, even martial arts or gymnastics can be considered foundations for your movement

Each of these styles has its own set of foundational movements.

If learning dance was like learning a language,
this is the alphabet.

These are the things that give a style its look, the thing that you can watch and say

Yeah, that's House! Or, No, that's definitely not Hip Hop.

And those core movements and techniques, those unique foundational building blocks

are rooted in the style's history

For example, Hip Hop has its foundational bounces and rocks

These came from the parties in the Bronx where Hip Hop was started

Like the MC Rock literally came from how Emcees did this motion to get the crowd amped up

With the foundation down, then you can elaborate

Add arm movements, add different steps,  add in your own style

This allows you to look different from the person next to you while maintaining the integrity of that style.

Going back to that language analogy,

it's like how Clay and I both speak English, but we have our own ways of articulating things

Ok David, great job, but when you teach the next sect, I need you to go slow, meds, then temps, okeh?


Woah, this is a swagaronie macaronie my dude!

That's not English...

That's a different style then, that's a different set of foundational alphabet


You can also trace an artist's style back to their foundational roots.

For example, Jawn Ha used to do Tae Kwon Do and Chris Martin was a Breaker.

So now that we know dance foundations are, let's talk about how to train them.

Learn, practice, quiz, pace yourself.

Step 1: Learn the right thing.

So you wanna start by learning those foundational movements

But, you gotta make sure your teacher or tutorials aren't wack.

Otherwise, you'll just start doing the wrong thing and develop bad habits.

And you don't wanna look like a diet version of whatever style you're trying to learn

So, once you'd learn, then it's time for...

Step 2: Practice - Specifically, interleaved practice

You know how when you work out, you wanna switch off between leg day and chest day?

It's the same with dance.
You wanna practice different things in rotation.

Leg pops on Monday, torso pops on Tuesday, booty pops all weekend... just kidding.

Step 3:  Quiz - hard.

Quizzing is basically the act of making yourself remember an answer.

So for example, when we're in class we standardly watch the choreographer and follow along.

But, that hasn't been proven to be the most effective way to learn.

Instead, take your eyes off of the teacher and make your own body remember the moves

If you put your brain to work, the moves are more likely to stick.

Step 4: Pace yourself.

Now, all of this takes time.

But the cool thing about building your foundations is that there's no due date.

You'll always be adding to your foundational toolbelt whether you're brand new to dance, or a professional dancer

So be patient, and you'll surprise yourself.

If you want a framework for how long and how often you should train,

then check out our "How Much You Need To Practice to Become an Amazing Dancer" video.

We'll link it down below.

Now, we understand that this is a lot, especially that first part - learning the right thing.

It's hard to get accurate information because there's so many people who barely know anything about a style,

teaching that style.

It's like, who do you even trust anymore?!

That's why STEEZY Studio creates classes with Creators, Pioneers, and respected educators of each style

Because we want to preserve this information, and give people around the world access to their lessons.

And if you're brand spankin' new to dance, we also have an "Intro to Dance" program where you start from the very basics

learning how to stay on beat, how to body roll, and other skills.

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you guys never fail to do that

But, it's totally fine, we just love talking to you.

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next week.